Vegan Brunch Recipes for the Weekend (Easy & Healthy)

Here are two easy vegan brunch recipes that are perfect for the weekend! Today I’m going to show you how to make a yummy Vegan Quiche, as well as some epic French Toast! Full recipes are linked below.
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WhatChef? says:

Really nice recipes there. Not vegan as such, but eat vegan 5 days a week

lily hilz says:

i love savory food!!

Trèfle à cinq Feuilles says:

I didn’t know this was call french toast in the US ! Do you really see it as a fancy dish ? o_o

Ana Paula Santos says:

She talks so pausedly (i dont know the word) it’s anoying

RobinOrzo says:

Dumb question but I’ve never tried chickpea flour. Does the end result of the quiche taste like chickpeas? I do love chick peas so i would be into that haha. Just wondering.

Ruslana's Self-Care Diary says:

Quiche is one of my favorite dishes but i always thought that it is too complicated to recreate at home , today i have learned that it can actually be easy, i’m going to try it!

Elizabeth Ferry says:

Allwwaaayysss sweet!

Breck Kane says:

I usually go savory for brunch; unless they have a super delicious sounding sweet item. But im like you, I usually go sweet at home so I want savory when Im out….

Sam says:

you are really a recipe genius. I can’t wait to try that quiche! quiches used to be one of my favorite foods pre-vegan 🙂

Dreaming Vegan says:

I think the West Coast is treating you well, you look so happy!

Jamie Plodzik says:

always sweet

Mir Kir says:

The “hehe” at 5:02 killed me

Perla Hernandez says:

I typically get savory and sweet I get like tofu scramble and a pancake, especially if I go to a vegan or vegan friendly restaurant where I’m not limited to just fruit and hash browns lol

Kendra veganbombshell says:

Hmmm….i like both so I guess it depends on what is on the vegan menu. It is hard for me to turn down biscuits & gravy!

Antonia R. says:

For me it’s the other way around. I’m more of a savoury person in general and don’t crave sweet stuff most of the time. But when I’m going out I’m often ordering sweet meals. (:

Jen Martin says:

French toast and Quiche are 2 foods that I occasionally crave. I haven’t craved too many things I used to eat. I used to make my french toast with egg, bread and cinnamon. Simple, but delicious, and it only took 5 minutes to make.I’m glad your recipe is fairly simple!

Sabrina Granger says:

Looks yum! I’ll definitely try it this weekend!

Consciously Melanie says:

I almost always order savory. I am not a big sweats person

Melanie Horne says:

Sweet always~~~

Deni Manova says:

You should try savory toppings on french toast, like cream cheese (vegan obvs) or hummus and tomatoes. It’s honestly so good !!

Tammy Tahir says:


Yukti Gopal says:

I always order sweet (literally always!) haha I’ve just got a huge sweet tooth ^^”

Daisy says:

Looks delicious! Question: what bread do you prefer? Trying to broaden my bread horizons…

Vegan Girl Jo says:

I usually get a savoury and sweet ☺️

Liz Coyle says:

That quiche looks delicious! I cannot wait to try it out!

kkylaye ⍌ says:

oh no i’ve never got into the brunch phase

Nancy Kinch says:

The quiche looks amazing!

Ella L. says:

The quiche looks super yummy, and look happy! 🙂

Wow8404 says:

I eat sweet foods for brunch! Actually… a mix of both. I love sweet for breakfast, savory for lunch… so why not both for brunch?

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