The Best Shrimp & Grits Recipe | Brunch Recipes | Southern Smoke Boss

The Best Shrimp & Grits Recipe | Brunch Recipes | Southern Smoke Boss

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Candi T says:

Looks delicious !!!

KoCo Plush says:

Yass come thur Boss Lady.. I make mine different.. but your looks more flavorful.. Thanks

Nikki Rockz says:

Looks BomB, can’t believe you’ve never had it before! Sidenote: Gettin to see it prepared n eaten is a joy! :))

Tosh Time says:

Dang I’m on my way for a bowl!

Craig Edwards says:

Good morning brother,, looks delicious,,, I’m with you on the black pepper,,,, thank you both for sharing

Cookin' With James says:

That looks dang delicious!! Nice cook Mrs Boss!!

Pan Theory says:

Looks supper good!!! Nice one!!!!!

Nancy O'Sullivan says:

Good job. I want to try this very soon.

Prissy P says:

My type of meal!!

Tha Payne's says:

Nothing new…this looks good and congrats to the wifey for the throw down. Love the role reversal! Great Team Effort!

Albert Anderson says:

Tell your wife to keep the videos coming, she’s doing a great job, love watching your videos

Tameisha Jackson says:

Bosslady did her thang.. yes would love to see more of her..she just showed me how to make my grits creamy and good.thanks for sharing

MeatCranium BBQ AND REVIEW says:

You round up, I round down. Lol. BOSS LADY did a awesome job

Rita Walker says:

Looks good my mom would of love this

Yolanda Terry says:

Looks delicious, i use beef broth for my grits too,thats awesome!

T Rock says:

She hooked you up!!!

Sunshine Peoples says:

Imma make this and looks like there no comments yet.


Southern Smoke Bosslady yasss

Adrienne Jackson says:

GREAT GOD IN HEAVEN!!! That looks some kinda good. I haven’t had Shrimp and cheese grits since forever. Nicely made Ms. Boss Lady.

Miss. C's Corner says:

He Loved It!!!

kimmy1984 says:

Love shrimp and grits. Good job Mrs.Smoke Boss!!! Mr. Smoke Boss congrats on your 10k subbies.

Syd223 says:

I never wanted this dish before now. Dang that looks good!

The Wilsons On The Go says:

That looks so good. Hi! I met you in Faith Squad’s livestream. I hope we can keep in touch. Thank you very much.

Natalie Harris says:

*Good morning y’all♥♥You 2 are adorable. I’ve had grits one time and didn’t like them. I find out years later that they weren’t cooked right. While in college my friends would eat them with all kinds of stuff like jelly, syrup, etc…so I didn’t know how to eat them. My daughter likes the instant ones with butter. I still pass on the grits but the meal looked very EYE-pitizing. Tell my sista♥, yes indeed, come on in and share her skills. Y’all take care.*

joy bryant says:

looks yummy

Patricia Jones says:


Leticia Robinson says:

This looks absolutely amazing!!! Great recipe, great video!

lovely love says:

Awwwww so sweet send me some lol❤❤❤❤❤

Kirby's Fishngrill & Cooking Recipes says:

You killin me Boss, I have been cravin some Shrimp and Grits. Almos 30 years, bro you missin out! That looked delish, hats off to the wifey.

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