Super Easy Easter Egg Brunch Recipe! Brunch Casserole

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Super Easy Easter Egg Brunch Recipe! Brunch Casserole

The Very Easter Egg Brunch – If you need an easy Easter egg brunch recipe for a main dish, this one is for you. The entire family will love it! (How can you not love something with bacon?!) It doesn’t use a ton of crazy ingredients, so you probably already have everything you need at home!

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J Jo says:

RE CHEERIOS: “feeling your oats” comes from colts leaping around for the joy of being alive, and they eat …. oats. So, when someone is said to be “feeling their oats,” because they’re very very active, its a reference to colts, or excited activity. Maybe you can find a video on line of colts bouncing around in a pasture, while mom is calmly nearby munching on grass. Its charming to see. : )

Abigail Detail says:

The Easter brunch sounds delicious! Dave is doing a great job as mini-Mike! Have a wonderful Easter folks 🙂

Margaret Bedwell says:

No wonder so many families are home schooling their children. Love your brunch. and your apron is SMASHING.

Grace Morgan says:

Love this family! God bless these people! Yayy I’m glad I can recognize christians when I see them. #GoForJesus

Angela Fletcher says:

I’d love a piece. Dave doesn’t know what he’s missing. I’m definitely going try it

Susan Woywood says:

Hi guys!!! Would your Mom consider making aprons and selling them to us? They are absolutely gorgeous!!

Vintagebeliever says:

Wear gloves to cook food at home?? serious?? WOW!

Joanie D. says:

Aww Dave at 40:38 …so sweet to give your Mom a kiss! She cooks bacon for you… what a wonderful mother!

tina nation says:

I think it is called common core curriculum now.

TheLadyDi35 says:

Does Dave like peanut butter chips and white chocolate chips? if so, I will send them with some chocolate chips. He needs payment for filling in for Mike on your show and helping you out, Tawra. Lol.

My Mobile Homestead says:

I made this for Christmas breakfast. It was a big hit. I used cream of chicken because I’m allergic to mushrooms. it was very easy and yummy.

Diane Choate says:

LOL. I DID IT WRONG. you stopped in place. All will be well.

teresa ritter says:

thank you, I will tell them because they throw out about 3 gal. of oil once a months

Cat Lover says:

Bacon is great anyplace!!  I think I will make this with Bacon on bottom and on top!  I love this cook book!  Thank you!

teresa ritter says:

hi, can you make soap with oil that you cooker fish in ? I have a family friend that deep fries fish all the time and throws the oil away. I said for them to make soap with it. So can you or not? I hope you can thank you very much

Becky Mendoza says:

This looks very good will try it. By the way your boys are to cute!

Kelley Jerred says:

I can hardly hear you Guys 🙁

petunijadu says:

Sorry for my English, it is not my native language. I suspect that this ‘science teacher’, who is definitely not teaching science, is actually trying to indoctrinate kids into another religion, and from what I’ve heard, I think we are talking about Scientology. If that is the case, you have every right to bring this issue to the headmaster. Read about Scientology on Google, you can find stories of different people who escaped from it and you will see that this is not innocent religion. It hurts people. And if someone is trying to sell such nonsense as science, that is very bad too. All the best to you, love the show.

Elissa Lewis says:

was the teacher actually teaching this lesson, or was it a movie that they were watching?

Connie Williams says:

I think Dave needs more of Moms attention! Lol! The egg brunch looks good! I love my cookbook!

Jane Ulness says:

It’s an alternative fact!

Vintagebeliever says:

I would love to win the apron or the book! 🙂

Diane Griffen says:

Aliens are a theory just like evolution and creation.

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