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Matt Basile is back once doing one of the things he does best, showing us how to make amazing food. This episode Matt reveals an easy one skillet hash recipe that is perfect for brunch.

As any of you know that have been watching the Fidel Gastro channel for a bit, Matt is extremely serious about brunch. So serious in fact that he and Kyla are working on an entire cookbook full of nothing but brunch recipes. In addition to that Matt has been traveling around the globe and exploring new brunch spots as he goes. He has really managed to capture the essence of brunch culture one segment at a time.

Which leads us up to this particular video. The proper definition of a hash is a dish of cooked meat cut into small pieces and then cooked again usually with potatoes. Most people typically put in leftover vegetables from the day before, or anything else they think might work well that has made it to the leftovers section of the fridge. Most people, especially Matt, will also add in a few eggs towards the end of the cooking process.

For Matt hash is no joking matter, this is clearly evidenced by the ingredients he uses to make this one. He uses potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, onions, celery, sausage, and of course eggs as well. To get this dish going start off with a cast iron skillet greased with canola oil and turn the heat up high until you get the skillet good and hot.

Add in your leeks and your garlic first, add more canola oil and stir them diligently unless your leeks begin to soften up. Next you will add in your carrots as well as your celery and repeat the same process. You want your vegetables to be cooked but not mushy so slide those all over to the side and empty the contents of your sausage casing out into the other side. Break up your sausage, stirring it as you go, until you get it into reasonable sized chunks. Add in your diced tomatoes and some red wine then let your hash reduce, stirring it as the tomatoes soften and the hash begins to thicken a bit.

At this point add in your potatoes. Matt recommends leftover potatoes. If you don’t happen to have leftover potatoes it’s best to use boiled or fried potatoes for this recipe. After adding them in keep stirring and make 2 divots. Crack your eggs right into those divots and then lower your cooking temperature a bit allowing the eggs to cook right in the skillet. Once your eggs are cooked all the way through add some salt, black pepper, and fresh thyme.

That is all there is to making this epic sausage brunch hash.

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Preston Meyer says:

I am just getting down to the nuts and bolts of cooking. I feel like people really have a tendency to over-complicate dishes. I like your one skillet approach.

Marinda Lawson says:

This looks delish Matt!

Brooke West says:

This really is the perfect brunch addition.

LaTonya Roberts says:

Yea I don’t know about that kinda hash so much Matt, but I am willing to give it a shot. You’ve never let me down yet.

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