Monte Cristo Benedict – Brunch Recipe!

Learn how to make Monte Cristo Benedict ! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Monte Cristo Benedict recipe!

Click here to see poached eggs video:


MadMadMandy says:

Its capilarforces – osmosis only counts for water, and that’d make horribly boring french toast 😉
Source: I study biochemistry.

William Rooks says:

Love the recipes. Hate the sing song voice. Really annoying.

mike knite says:

inertia is speed…. nothing to do with this. love your vids though XD

Maria Kazakopi says:

what else should I serve with this for brunch? potatoes, salad, grits?

Obtuse Minds says:

omg now I have another craving! looks soooo gooood! oh and, where does Chef John find the time to write all them letters!? Does he even sleep?

rneustel says:

What about people like me that eat our eggs fried over hard? What sauce do I use?

nichegoseberazdvatri says:

ugh…. just opened my fridge: no cheese, no bacon, no ham, no cream and no butter – fuck it, I’ll just boil some eggs and eat them

William Gruff says:

LOL @ ‘that is borderline inappropriate’.

Kirali says:

you are hilarious, dude 😉 and awesome of course <3

WannaBite says:

beautiful dish and awesome tips.thanks for sharing.

Manuel Borrego says:

He sounds like Jack from Rooster Teeth

Mrkimaburrido says:

so this is like a croque madame basically.

MrDippydappy says:

capillary action

ndzapruder says:

Pop that egg right in the yolk!

Ed Montalbano says:

I love this guy, makes everything look easy, and most of all, I love his sense of humor.

ziba says:

he is so funny its amazing ^^

Jai Thomas says:

Two of my favourite things in one, single meal??! #blessed

Eric Anderson says:

pre heated ha ha

Joe M Mams says:

benedict?where is the hollandaise?!?

Robert Bell says:

Spread a little chipotle raspberry jam on the french toast before adding the ham. Bam!

Neil Martinez says:

Muffaletta Sandwiches might be a nice video. (hint hint)

big steve says:

must admit chef a love your wit and saying all ways have a little chuckle makes cooking so much fun now i have retired

pe8er8 says:

Man that’s a killer recipe, I’m making it for breakfast.

VultureClone says:

Dude…sending letters to the cheese industry for oval slices seems a bit extreme. Cheese melts the same regardless of shape, it’s the amount you put on that matters.

Neil Dickson says:

I am so making this! You know, Alfred Hitchcock had a real revulsion to runny egg yolks? Much has been made of his behavior towards his blonde female stars, so it would probably require analysis to know what his phobia was all about. Never the less, I think this looks delectable as is, with no added sauces.

Michał Orłowski says:

where did u take polish bread from? 🙂

ThisTooShallPaz says:

this guy rocks.

Shawn Hawkins says:

my mom used to poach eggs, put them on English muffins and cover it with melted velveta cheese. we thought we were eating fancy French cookin.

Chance ifer says:

Give us more azowies, they’re the best.

Vika Ville says:

Can i make this with smoked salmon?

Paideia Revisited says:

“The gratuitous ‘popping of the yolk’ shot.”
Straight up food porn. Love it 🙂

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