HOW TO MAKE THE BEST VEGAN BRUNCH | 4 Brunch Recipe | S’more Pancakes | Bulletproof Coffee

Today on The Edgy Veg I am going to show you how to make the best vegan brunch ever! I will show you how to make vegan s’mores pancakes, vegan bulletproof coffee, diner-style potatoes and tofu scramble florentine. These 4 mouth-watering vegan brunch recipes are quick and easy, but also decadent and over-the-top.

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The first recipe is a Vegan Bulletproof Coffee! Bulletproof coffee was created by Dave Asprey, the founder of the Bulletproof Diet. Traditional Bulletproof coffee combines coffee, unsalted grass-fed butter, as well as Brain Octane Oil. Today I am using Madre Labs, CafeCeps, Certified Organic Instant Coffee with Cordyceps and Reishi Mushroom Powder and BulletProof Brain Octane Oil.

These fluffy S’mores pancakes are packed with graham cracker crumbs and vegan marshmallows and topped with hazelnut chocolate spread, more marshmallows and graham crumbs. They are a fun brunch or breakfast treat perfect for special occasions, holidays, or just for fun. If you have a kitchen torch: lightly torch the garnish marshmallows until browned for a fun campfire-like look and taste. If you don’t have a kitchen torch: arrange mini marshmallows on the pancake and place under your broiler to toast. THESE WILL BURN QUICKLY.

Our third recipe is a florentine-style Herbed Tofu Scramble. Tofu scramble is a breakfast staple in the vegan and egg-free community for its texture, look and taste so similar to scrambled eggs! It’s a super simple, healthy and yummy savoury breakfast option that is whipped up in minutes. I decided to make this vegan tofu scramble florentine-style to sneak in some veggies and fresh herbs. It’s a light, low-maintenance breakfast that you can keep coming back to.

Lastly, we’ve got my diner-style potatoes. They key to amazing potatoes like the ones you get in a diner is to par-cook the potatoes. I decided to par-boil them, but you could also steam them. Then the key is to coat them in oil and let them sit in the pan untouched so they get nice and crispy, browned outsides. These diner-style home fries are well-seasoned and mixed with soft, sautéed onions. The combination of onion, garlic, smoked paprika, and cajun seasoning is to die for! The perfect cure after a long night out.

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cynthiacombest5 says:


Janae Quinones says:

What the heck happened at 6:12 lol

Terri Jeroue says:

That Florentine tofu scramble!!! The ‘sauce’ you mix and cook with it intrigues me!

nergregga says:

I like that your recipes are just as much focused on being delicious instead on just being healthy.

Jasmine Cervantes says:

“And they will catch on fire” advice in this video. Lol love it

Reyann J says:

I’d call those fried potatoes. Definitely not hash browns or home fries. That’s just me though. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Evolution of Masha says:

That is the best brunch ever!!! Those are all my go tos for brunch. Those potatoes look divine. I gotta get me that butter coconut oil!!!

Dj NUkE says:

Thank you Candice for the wonderful tofu scramble recipe. I totally fooled my older brother with it.. LOL… Its not like I asked him to breakfast. He just showed up and my 15 year old and I were making the scramble and the hash browns into breakfast burritos. I just changed up the spices a bit. It was funny. he walked in and snagged it of my plate took a bite and said “These eggs are really good. When did you stop eating that healthy crap?”… My daughter just about laughed herself out of her chair.

Em Ramirez says:

Research why coconut is not cruelty free.

Mealsbymiri says:

Your music is so cute, it reminds me of arrested development tbh haha. Also can I have about 10 of those pancakes please

Jen Martin says:

It’s midnight. My teeth are brushed. I’m just about to go to bed, but now I want brunch!!! Everything looks so delicious!

The Vegan Hippie says:

I think Dandy’s are better too. I like all of the recipes.

sparkletone1684 says:

I agree that potatoes should totally be their own food group!

Chronically Hopeful says:

Yum they all look delicious!

Amal Mashal says:

You really didn’t need to boil the potatoes actually. Cooking them straight in the oil cools that all the way through and prevents any mushiness whatsoever

Oliver Queen says:

Really cool, I’d totally make it.

Sabrina says:

“free from everything, they’re very liberated” hahahahahaha

h says:


debbie mcnally says:

Trying scrambled cauliflower today we have already tried your scrambled Tofu and loved it

Amy B says:

We have pancakes in our house every sunday, i think we will try these S’more pancakes!! ♡

Mj King says:

I have always wanted to try the bulletproof coffee but I’m allergic to coconut.

Ash Baker says:

Your arms looks great!

erykasrpeach says:

I just ate dinner but I want those potatoes so bad

BreezyBeautyy says:

Those s’mores pancakes look incredible! Can’t wait to try them and the tofu scramble 🙂

Angel Reante says:

Looks amazing. I’ve never had vegan marshmallows I just stopped eating them. Are those on iherb? Thanks for the video!

Lola Viscusi says:

What is the flavour component of the butter flavoured coconut oil?

paty cake says:

Everything look so yummy. Can’t wait to try the pancakes with coconut flavor butter!

Brooke Baldwin says:

Can’t wait to try EACH of these recipes!!!!!! 🙂 I’ve been dyeing to try bullet proof coffee.

Mary's Test Kitchen // Vegan Cooking says:

mmm gotta love those Dandies!

EatLaughReview says:

So quick and easy and sooo delish! Loved all the recipes.

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