How to Make Eggs Benedict – Eggs Benedict Recipe

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See how to make eggs Benedict, a brunch favorite with Canadian bacon, poached eggs, English muffins, and Hollandaise sauce.

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Dawcsnhaan Nguyen says:

I don’t know why but when I tried the hollandaise this morning the surface became foamy and it was really loose

takgavin says:

Eggs Benedict is something I’ve always wanted to try but never got round to doing it, for one reason or another. This video has inspired me to finally take the plunge. It’d be awfully imressive to be able to whip this up for a lady the morning ‘after’ (wink wink), but crash and burn embarrassing if it went wrong, so, is it as easy to make as your video makes it look, Allrecipes? Oh, and don’t listen to the idiots who say your video musak is boring, it isn’t, it’s nice and relaxing. It calms me while I’m imagining all the ways it could go disastrously wrong for me if I tried it myself. It kind of says: “No, she won’t think it tastes like rot, she’ll actually be REALLY impressed with your godlike cooking abilities. Maybe even come back for more.. Go on, give it a try, it’ll be allright.” Anyhoo, enough of my rambling. Thanks, Allrecipes, god bless!

jetsetjoey says:

Is the butter used salted or unsalted???

Frank Bags says:

in gonna make this for my wife

데이비드기독교의 says:

oh yeahhhh so east but yummy

Elijah Kelley says:

Today I had this for the first time, and I gotta tell you, it was the best thing I’ve had in a long time.

Gregor Miller says:

Nix the worst of the Shires, add some basil or tarragon, hell with those brits. OH, and for the curious, add meebee 1 1/2lemon and tsp fresh orange juice, yummy.

Nahja Urquieta says:

I don’t have lemon juice

AugustRiver2000 says:

Wayyy too much lemon juice. Tastes like shit

Paul Stack says:

I could eat 20 of those right now

JMB4000 says:

thats not how gordon ramsey does it…

John Gibbs says:

watching this while baked, i need one of these now

WeIsDaTyrantz says:

I like how the backing track uses barebones basic midi drums, rofl.

lockodonis says:

Pretty sure Canadian bacon is just sliced ham

Clancey Aggen says:

to much lemon 😕

Reky says:

dude you need exotic butters and a angsty teen. and a scooper.

Abdul Ahad says:


Misty Allyster says:

FNAF 5 confirmed

Eidolin says:

THIS IS SO BORING DEAR GOD. Elevator music and the slowest woman known to the kitchen.

EarlGaming says:

I have already made poached egg and the sauce and realized i dont have english muffin

Hunaina ikram says:

can I use chicken instead of bacon

califdad4 says:

I love poached eggs, and never found the vinegar really does anything. It will take every bit of 3 minutes for those eggs, 2 and half minutes you will still have runny egg whites

oct john says:

Just a warning the recipe calls for a cup of butter but you only need a half cup of melted butter also make the sauce last….it’s just safer this way

LoyalTideFan says:

Annoying music!

Rika Novita says:


timboskia says:

How dare people poach eggs! shooting eggs out of season, the nerve of some people. What di eggs ever do to you?

Black Jax Gaming says:

who’s here from food wars

Flugschüler Fluglehrer says:

If you make a vortex in the boiling water before adding the egg you get better results.

Ayame Mich says:

I’m 14 and I’m making this for my mom on mothers day! its her favorite food and I hope she likes it!

Star of the world Taniya says:

This video was so delicious 😉

Kawaii Panda says:

Shokugeki No Soma brought me here ^^ It really looks delicious! I wanna try to cook it ^^

S alb says:

I really like your channel it makes cooking easier for me ! Thanks you X O

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