How to Make Easy Steak & Eggs – Breakfast/Brunch Recipe

From my new series, “Throwback Thursdays.” I’m bringing over some of my favorite videos from my old channel for you every Thursday on top of my new videos each week. Enjoy! ^^

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Your Squishy Monster ^.~


Marlo Stanfield says:

Marry me

Chuck Beau Buck says:

Chubby cheeks, pink nails, pink apron, and she cooks.
I’m in love.

Tiger Fit says:

keto diet:)

ojideagu says:

In America most people eat white Eggs, in the UK most people eat brown eggs

LWPXE09 LWPXE09 says:

mmmmmmmm I could eat that every day and I would but doubt I’d make my next birthday

Thor The Northern says:

No steak was harmed in the making of this video 😀

Awww you u tube mad ain't ya says:

I could eat that every day. Food looks good too.

Mobius Trip says:

I just had an eggasm!

bcinnash says:

me like

TheMan_592 says:

Breakfast? Serioursly usa, whats happening, you got a whole day in a breakfast, for breakfast i eat like… a apple

Maxwell Savage says:

i think i will “get outa here”.

Cimberly5 says:

Shock it???


Damn She has to be Married.. Steak & Eggs Kinda Gal she even looks sexy cooking it

Belle says:

This was the best. Thanks!

smokeyMike1 says:

Marry me…….

fiber9m says:

I just subscribed because I need you in my life and that steak looks amazing

videosbymike says:

One for you and one for me,I’ll have mine medium;-)


DietEwok says:

Skirt steak?!?

Razor Johnson says:

you single?

CupcakeBansheeChild says:

I has this one time and it was AMAZING!!!! 😀

Brian Nehf says:

you have a very nice mouth…..

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