How To: Make Brunch

Ken Addington—the head chef of Five Leaves in Greenpoint, Brooklyn—shows us how to avoid those long weekend brunch lines. Ken starts off with a classic Bloody Mary, then shows us how to make two of his most popular dishes: ricotta pancakes topped with honeycomb butter, and a spicy Moroccan scramble with merguez sausage, crushed avocado, and spiced chickpeas. Addington finishes off the meal with a healthy blueberry chia pudding with turmeric apricots, goji berries, and macadamia nuts. Invite some friends over next Sunday, and before you know it, you’ll have people lining up for this decadent brunch feast!

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Rebecca says:

3 eggs is a generous amount for scramble… OKAY

RomiS says:

Amazing! Best brunch video from Vice!

Xiomara Morraz says:

the pancakes looks divine and the bloody mary looks good too yum really good video

Obnoxious Fandom Name says:

I had a sausage sandwich for breakfast, is that brunch?

Holly Deegan says:

Things this man doesn’t understand 1. Science 2. How not to portray yourself as a cunt.

Simulator Mortalis says:

I would not go with that much avocado unless it is properly seasoned not to bland out the overall seasoning of this dish.

Matt Clark says:

Finally clicked on this and glad I did. These dishes are not that same ole generic brunch bs. Well thought out and the extra effort truly shines through. I’d happily wait for a table.

florenceandthemakeup says:

Everything in the US is just oversized

Syed Ahmed says:

does anyone know how much ricotta to put in for the pancakes? he gives the measurements for everything but the ricotta

wuugie says:

whisking eggwhites manually like a bauss!

Eliane Bowden says:

These all look so amazing, really unique recipes!

Ryder Liu says:

That rose scrambled egg looked gorgeous. Also, that Chia Blueberry yogurt looks so fucking extra and hipstery I almost became Celiac.

Pim Pim009 says:

Munchies should make a series of Brunch

Adam says:

This shit looks like ass

Mitchell Ryder says:

This dude sounds like the voice over guy from for Lil’ Bits

‘Eat some fucking shit, you fucking stupid bitch’

Jericho Lee says:

Do people actually like Bloody Mary’s? They seem so nasty

Knarf Nil says:

Yum all around!

Obnoxious Fandom Name says:

That honeycomb is gonna have no discernible flavour, it’s far too pale, it’ll have no bite to it!

blaho says:

That eggs on the toast is very similar to a common Mexican breakfast

WatchUsLiveAndStuff videos says:

How much ricotta do you use

Diana Ramirez says:

I lived in NYC, and always wanted to go to Five Leaves.I never got a chance to make it.I saw this video and it made me Smile.Thank you so Much for sharing this.
I am so siked to make this!

Dopey says:

Props, this guy is legit.

Alan Greene says:


Jose Montes says:

this was great! thank you 🙂

Berrie Blanders says:

Rick Grimes, is that you?

Greg Lopez says:

why didnt the sticker burn off the bottom of the pan? O.o

Chan says:

the moroccan scramble looks amazing

Powslasher says:

that bloody mary would be a lot better with some clam juice

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