Homemade Brunch For Two

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Vickie Finney says:

My 8 year old daughter is so funny. She loves brunch.

Taylor Sonmez says:

I will share with 3 me my self and i

Jade Tran says:

Maybe it would be easier to drink the smoothie, instead of having to eat it with a spoon in a bowl. Food for thought :3

You cant beat K says:


Masuma Chowdhury says:

Why do they have to call it “bloody Mary?

You cant beat K says:

That drink is disgusting.

SBTIstoriya says:

Who is the second one,

My toilet..?

Taylor Silas says:

This is going to be a brunch for one

Atalia Aron says:

Best intro ever!!!!!

Sofia Karakozova says:

I like the intro XD

Megha Hazarika says:

Have to take half the quantities cause i am alone but…..

I guess i should stick to eat to these cause i eat a lot!!

Melanin and Kisses says:

Bloody Mary is literally the grossest concept ever

Colota Rashford says:

I have to make one of these delicious meals

Bint e sohail XYZ says:

Bloody Mary is so ukhhh how could they drink it

Christina Lai says:

Written out recipes would be nice.

Skypie Nyan says:

I like the opening

tweedledeeohthree says:

that bloody mary is a bloody abomination.

tRAsH pOtAtO says:


Jesus Christ says:

This was fine until yall fuckers thought it was ok to make a bloody mary with fuckin marinara sauce

L Hilden says:

Brunch for TWO???!!!!! Don’t underestimate my eating ability!!!

Lysca says:

didn’t know that’s what went into a bloody mary and im thoroughly repulsed

The Cooking Pot says:


Sophia Puzon says:

For two?

Leo Maker says:

“Brunch for two” yeah…haha…i wish

Angie Amil says:

That intro was EVERYTHING! lol

Fikrat Salmanov says:

Vodka boy

O G says:

Goat cheese and strawberryes on a piece of toast. *Vomits*

Rob Binnenmars says:

some one was watching bon apetie

BawseRaps says:

ima need one for three because i was hungry and i felt bad

Emerly Nickel says:

por que no shrimp and grits?

plush furr says:

I wuz glad wen they got that piece uv sausage meat up that did not make it n the pan.

Ramanuja Iyangar says:

Love all your vedios ❤ from India

Dan Fox says:

I loved the starting bit.

Los tienen Como king kong says:

Great I’m hungry now…

Jennifer Cavenee says:

Yes, brunch for two, absolutely… Me and Future Me.

TheEnobis says:

There can only be one Benedict – and his name is Cumberbatch

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