Healthy South American Brunch | Jamie Oliver | #10HealthyMeals

This easy and delicious brunch recipe is packed with protein, nutrients and essential energy. Using the South American grain quinoa and layered with tomatoes, beans, chillies, avocados, herbs then topped with an egg it’s got everything you need to set you up and see you through the day.

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This recipe:

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gp vs says:

Part of ‘Meat Free Week’. Meat Free Month or Year or Decennium. Even better for everybody.

Von Smith says:

4:40 switched a filter.

Marai Araceli says:

Chilean breakfast

puttytat007 says:

I”m South American and I’ve never seen a dish like this. Fact: South American’s are not Mexican we do NOT put hot sauce in everything we have it on the side called Aji and those who like it use it and those that don’t, don’t. Love you Jamie just letting you know the way it is.

Oh and Mexico is in North America and well you get my drift. 😀

Bashaer Qoran says:

YOU are unbelievable when it comes to garnish the food . i love watching u decorating the food . your touch is magical .:)

snap peas says:

Great recipe. I’m a vegan, so I sauteed some mushrooms with garlic and cumin in place of the eggs, and it was delicious

Danita Pilley says:

Jamie looks like he’s boozing a bit.

Juana Val says:

El mensiono Mexico por el aguacate(palta) para los bolivianos no te pongas celoso amigo gluton

Denis Moric says:

Cooked beans, correct? Not dry beans? I’m a beginner people, please go easy on me XD

Aaron JC says:

Jamie Oliver…..Love the beard man.

Daniela Usuriaga says:

Jamie, I love your food and your recipes are quite nice. But just so you know… Mexico is actually in North America. Also, don’t forget South America is such a big continent and all those nations are SO different along with their food and culture, even when we are united by the Spanish language. 🙂

Chin Yun Qi says:

Lol dem beard

Ain Stolkiner says:

Mexico is not in South America!!!

Laura Artigas says:

Even tho i loved it, I’m latin (from Venezuela) and it bothers me SO MUCH when everybody thinks we are all mexicans, and that we put hot sauce on everything. Mexico is not even part of South America. STOP REDUCING US TU JUST MEXICO

snowbunny378 says:

bf cooked this for me one morning was awesome!

Terrier Sandra says:


irishxxkelt says:

I was eating it about 25 years ago but I didn’t know this type of meal with tomatoes etc. I have my own tomatoes, peppers and get free-range eggs tomatoes for eggs…..

Juana Val says:

Viva Bolivia Libre.

Camila Stefanie says:

honestly tho who even eats brunch in Latin America?
this is such an american/western european thing

Gemika Maloney says:

First up, the new look is good, a bit of stubble and darker hair 🙂

I think I will take a few tips out of this recipe for my baby shower brunch although with less chilli due to, you know, being pregnant and refluxy and stuff. Also, the quinoa – SOAK IT FIRST. The bitter saponins will really reduce your enojoyment otherwise. Soak, rub it around, give it a good rinse. If you have time, a 24 hour soak before use will reduce phytic acid and make the minerals easier for your body to absorb.

Baun92 says:

Jamie my man, you need to stop buying into the myth that animal-products are healthy and tell it like it is.

王大震 says:

Quinoa no grain

Desarie Davis says:

I love him and this salad of course

Jean c says:

WHat sweet dishes can you make with Quinoa?

GluttonousDragon says:

mexico is in north maerica tho… lol

Mirta Mojica says:

I love it but only thing I couldn’t see if you wash the quinoa coz you may know has saponina on it. which is very prejudicial in out health. You should recommend it. We love in Central America quinoa. Cheers from Panama.

Sam Grose says:

Quinoa also has loads of high quality protein in it!

Natalie Treacher says:

100% have to try this, it looks beautiful!!

Issoo BaBa says:

i love all of jamies recepies but a Meal isn’t healthy becaus its colourfull… All the fats in the eggs Avocado fried beans is Not Good :/

Domanic Ong says:

I really love it when Jamie Takes it easy. Like this video. And not overly ‘Enthusiastic’

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