Gordon Ramsay’s Huevos Rancheros Recipe

Gordon has prepared the ultimate brunch menu for FOX’s coverage of the 2018 World Cup. He’s whipped up a delicious Huevos Rancheros that is guaranteed to make fans rooting for Mexico perk up. Watch the FIFA WorldCup starting today through July 15 on FOX and check out Gordon’s full menu here: https://www.foxsports.com/fifaworldcupr…


Nate Drake says:

Take a shot for every time he says literally through all his videos and shows

Vezon says:

omigod it’s like watching bob ross but with food this is amazig

Man Yiew says:

4:03 lol

SpamFatKick says:

Vibrator in the sauce lmao

connor lane says:

Whereas female oxygen later force painter talk seem possess.

M iA says:

In America you would have a bagel?! Lol.

Avery Rosas says:

People have to understand that he’s not making Huevos Rancheros, he’s making Hoo-e-vos R-anche-rohs.

Álex Lopez says:

Lmao you gonna teach a Mexican mom on how to cook huevos rancheros? Nah man you done

Luis XD says:

yall to harsh on gordon…. keep it up ramsay

A U S T I N says:

gordon’s looking a little chubby

Camaro's are the best says:

Hhhhhhvfevos Frrhhrancheroz

dark souls 3 says:

Im 11 years old and i tried to cook it and i turned out like yours did thank you for a new and yummy brunch

AndroidGamingCenter says:

Fuck off Gordon Ramsay haters, if you hate him, why would YOU EVEN SEARCH HIS VIDEOS???!!! DUMB ASS

Afaq Ali says:

everyone, honestly answer me, do you think gordon could win shokugeki no soma?

ALLmasked says:

i thought he hated crispy eggs? would be like roasted romaine next?


I have been making Huevos Rancheros all my life, (I’m 65 yrs old) trust me those are not Huevos Rancheros, that mess looks awfull, please don’t judge the real Huevos Rancheros by this guy…

Jorge Bravo says:

these are not Huevos Rancheros

Kaitlyn Mac-Fung says:


iamlegend148 says:

Str8 to the toilet

Jose Morge says:

hayvos rancheroos

GerOffYeWeeBastard says:

Stick blender…love it! Great for getting the lumps out of your gravy!

Kevin Morrissey says:


Eduardo Sanchez says:

Why Gordon disrespect them beans like that though SMH

Junior beto says:

This is not huevos rancheros you idiot ! Do it right bitch !

AbsurdExistentialist says:

I’ve never had huevos rancheros like this but I won’t knock it till I try it.

Ok No says:

This shit is probably better than the traditional huevos rancheros


Us Mexicans are very particular about our traditional recipies, if my grandmother saw this she would have a heart attack, I don’t care if he calls them Gordon’s Huevos Rancheros. If you ever have the pleasure of having a real Mexican cheff cook for you or a Mexican grandmother, you will understand why this dish is so popular.

Electric says:

You are the best chef I’ve ever seen

Vintage says:

Gordons Wife: We’re all out of lube
Gordon: Olive Oil in

Hi There says:

“Add some salt and lepper and touch of olive oil” I always hear them in this channel

jay garce says:

Se ve todo Taco Bell a toda madre wey. Solo te hace falta el chihuahua. nada mas. Are you nuts! Mexicans don’t eat gourmet huevos rancheros. Fool!


Those are like american style sorry but uhh… I like my way better… But im no top class chef and have never tried urs and you havent tried mine so no judging

Chris H says:

Stop saying “roasting” you putz. You are not roasting a damn thing.

eda says:

This nigga eating beans

Chris Woolever says:

Black beans!!!! You bastard

miguel duran says:

I don’t know

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