Excellent Brunches Recipe By Gordon Ramsay – Almost Anything

Welcome to Another #Gordon #Ramsay Stunning #Cooking Show on youtube.
During this Cooking Video, #gordon #Ramsay Will #Show you his Recipe On how To #Make #Brunches?
Topics that Will Be discussed Are as follows :
1. #How #to #Cook #Frittata?
2.How to cook #North #african #eggs ?
3. #Cheat #souffle #with 3 #Cheese ?
4. #prawns and #feta #omlette ?

Please pay attention to the texted Recipe in The comments Section.
Thanks for Watching
#Almost #Anything #Team.


moundhir eclip says:

for the North African one we call it ” Chakchoka” basically its summer dish we have it at lunch or dinner NOT breakfast

Somesortadog says:

Perfect Lazy Weekend Brunch 3:57 completely dark middle of the night exterior shot of the house.

JayBardYTP says:

Why is the camera man s o zoomed out

Mario 2sick says:

Peas killed the dish

gorbashin says:

Awww…almost got the ‘pepper pepper pepper’ shoutout to You Suck at Cooking.

Yeng Thao says:

What brand pans/pots does gordon use? o.o

Claudia De perlo says:

Loved it !!!

Daniël says:

6:05 whats that song

Nikki Gloom says:

omg im in love with Gordon he just speaks so calmly clear and easy to follow instructions..

JULL says:

Someone has to tell me the Name of the Track at 3:58 !

Jack Krucznik II says:

Hahaha the 3rd and 4th recipes once again with their epileptic camera work, classic Gordon

SixRavenEight /SMBW says:

4:27 through 4:58 is, just, sexy.

Pranav Kilambi says:

Will it taste good without bacon?

ENDS17 says:

Are duck eggs better than chicken eggs?

Janeta McKenna says:

I just love his passion for food!

Nipps Welmactt says:

Ramsay is an amazing teacher and excellant chef. These videos are helping me learn to cook more often and with more confidence.
Thank you for the upload from a great Chef.
He can be mean but fair and I love the way he curses lol
Like the George Carlin of Culinary Arts 🙂
(in this context the use of profanity+wit as tool for the entertainment)

Maximilian Wendland says:

Who doesnt like to start a day with a hand full of garlic…

b1uezer says:

I ended up here from watching old Kitchen Nightmare bits, and I am actually gobsmacked that Gorden has a freezer.

jackie wacky says:

Is he saying ghost or goat?


I fear i will die before i get the chance to eat any of these dishes…

Chef Yota says:

Shakshookeh! I love Palestinian food

Ken Zarifes says:

What kind of chile for the North African (Moroccan) Eggs? Is it a jalapeno? A thai chile? A mild or hot chile? Does it matter?

Anco77 says:

No no no no no! Don’t try to fish out pieces of egg shell with an egg shell, folks! That’s just a stupid idea for many reasons, so forget that please. Take a teaspoon, under cold tapwater, get the pieces out with it and you’re fine. I have great respect for Chef Ramsay and love his work, but here I just had to intervene, otherwise I couldn’t sleep. No I feel better. 🙂

You says:

I wonder how much you have to pay for him to be your private chef

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