Cheese Blintzes – How to Make Cheese Blintzes with Fresh Berries – Brunch Special!

Learn how to make a Cheese Blintzes recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, extra information, and many, many more video recipes! I hope you enjoy this easy Cheese Blintzes recipe!


Bazax says:

if you ever hear russian say word “Blin”, this is what it is.

Vyacheslav Semenko says:

You killed me twice in a video, so you get a subscribe!
it’s only wrong when other do it and the jaz nobody likes were precious!

Alguien de algún lugar says:

His voice is soo soothing

Sally Greenaway says:

…”or some of that jazz no body likes” 🙁 Poor jazz…

Nojoud Saadeddin says:

hi chef! could u plz share the recipe of the batter… thank uuuuu

Justin Auerbach says:

Just like my grandmother used to make!! Gotta bring these babies back

fcd dfgvsg says:

I can see ur face on the bowl

Judit K. Juhasz says:

Add golden raisins to the filling. Add little rum to the sauce! Awesome!!!

Varun Shinde says:

I just love the way u speak

richard none says:

looks great just like my Grandmother used to make ha haha

Helton Rossi says:

I saw your face through the bowl’s reflection lol

Electrical forces says:

I love your videos, you are truly witty and funny. Keep up the good work.

Darshin Shethna says:

Is there a substitute for eggs?
or can we skip adding them???

Henk Kamp says:

I wanna get laid next weekend. These are going to play part in that plan for sure.

Erza Scarlet Art says:

I love your voice over its funny xD

Meily Arevalo says:

Oh Lord this looks so good and I’m watching this on a Sunday morning to make it even worse

Ritamay G says:

lol. Love it

Mother Loves Tarot Cards says:


shamitha dsouza says:

I see u chef John … well in the bowl reflection

Chamele7n says:

Thank you Food Wishes, this actually came out pretty good for me lol

Sarah Heard says:

You seem like such a polite and pleasant person lol

Teresa Hirahara says:

Thanks for sharing your awesome recipes! I also enjoy you’re fantastic sense of humor. Hope to see and hear more of you!

Hany M.Barakat says:

please can you write the ingrediants??

Tamas Zsigmond says:

Just stop posting anymore videos Food Wishes! Just stop! Put your kitchen wear away and never touch them again!

CaligulaClone says:

Those blintzes were terrible!

pau Are says:

esto se ve ESPECTACULAR! sin duda lo hare!

Luigino Pigmeanni says:


Camille Pango says:

I love this guy’s intonation and cadence in his speech. makes him seem like a helpful advisor just giving you some tips rather than a strict teacher.

SJC Cobra says:

these were the best ! my wife made these for me this morning!! yummy !!!!

Mrs. Ramos says:

excellent recipe!!

Sabrina Ouenzar says:

This video popped up as recommended and oh god I love that guy ! he’s so funny and it makes me want to try this recipe !

Vyacheslav Semenko says:


Ken Bottle says:

Thanks for remaking this Blintz how-to! Your *old* one was my go-to, but I like this one much better. And okay, I see you sent it out almost 2 years ago, but hey – Better late than never. Keep granting those Food Wishes!

Madeleine LaRocque says:

Cheese Danish next!!

KriFFek says:

The voice reminds me of the woman who made the “vegetarian turducken ” video.

Patricia Farghaly says:

my favs.

Brian Carlson says:

Made these for my wife this morning. Major husband points gained.

Srividya K says:

can I use Apple sauce instead of eggs in this recipe??

GU Shawn says:

Funny interpreter

Mrs. Ramos says:

wow!! this looks a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! omg i must make this asap!!

apple pie says:

how fancy can a sandwich cheese be..

Mother Loves Tarot Cards says:


PixelTreason says:

I was unreasonably excited to see your reflection in the bowl! Thanks for another delicious dish. I grew up as a South Florida Jew so this is a very familiar food. Never had my mom make them from scratch though!

paxsmile says:

Where are the amounts?

Inah Castil says:

I really like the humor in this video

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