Brunch Recipes – How to Make Shakshouka

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Learn how to make this Chakchouka recipe that makes one impressive breakfast and doesn’t take much effort to put together. Enjoy it with warm pita bread and a cucumber salad.

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Liana Mohammed says:

The shakshokah is Arabic meal made from the eggs
We make it like this
Star Coke the onions slice with the tomatoes tell to the onion turn brown after that add
the eggs and mix the eggs with the tomatoes until being ready
And we add Fresh coriander.
Enjoying it

EZGlutenFree says:

Looks amazing.
I’m so hungry now.

zain alhussaini says:

this a new way to make shakshoka i will try it some time we add beans too love from bahrain

aishaa arkhayat says:

this is not shakshouka…

Saragh says:

this is not what shakshouka looks like

jojo jojo says:

ياحبي لكم..

mona fahd says:

This is a nicer way to cook shakshouka

anwar ahmad says:

  يا العربان عملتو الفضح ………….

Abzz Alzhrani says:

وراه شكشوكتهم غير حقتنا thats not how we do shakshoka

Nora Abdulallah says:

Shakshouka that I know is different recipe. Same ingredients but different way.

evildoctor says:

I’m sorry but that looks gross

Mead Badir says:

Arabian recipe **

emmy snowwhite says:

It’s not saudian dish it’s an arabic dish iam half algerian half tunisian and we prepare it in both countries, i love chakchouka especially with sausages,sooo yummy.

Rana suliman says:

I loooove shakshouka so much for Breakfest. but we do it in a different way cut the piece in half and double up the eggs you whisk the eggs in a bowl add the spices salt and pepper then added to the pen you get an amazing results

Lamya Alfehaid says:

I like that you make an Arabian recipes, I wish that you continue uploading great recipes like this:)
And it looks super yummy!

Talal oss says:

it’s a Saudi dish and i think u must scramble the egg then added on the vegetables

Cicero says:

found my dinner =D

Jahzeel Mae Piocnacia says:



Muhned Bnana says:

Shakshuka is not an Arabian dish, it’s from Berber origin.

by the way: Arabs don’t have any special dishes, all their dishes from Berber, Jewish and Turkish people.

أنيتا بنت دارل says:

This shakshouka is so cute compared to how I make lol.

nour alfaisal says:

We do shakshoka but not that way
At first we putt onions and then tomatoes after that we whip the Eggs and mix it all together

Khaled Amer says:

انتم يالعرب فضيحه ما تجون في مقطع الا تخربونه بتعليقاتكم الغبيه والعنصريه

والتر ابيض says:

هذي شكشوكه مغربيه

serenablack23 says:

Looks good 🙂

duzm says:

We have a very similar dish in Turkey, also eaten for breakfast. But it’s called Melemen/Menemen. I don’t know which is the correct name but both are being used.

Yosra Ryan says:

Delecious tunisian mediterrenian dish

equus418 says:

It would be nice if you state what country or origin this dish is from. Instead, I had to Google it.

graham cosh says:


Rudden says:

Why would you repost the same video?
Anyway, scrambling the egg is better than just leaving it like that.

xX_AceHunter_Xx says:

btw it will be more tasty and more coll if you put small size of meat-balls by the experience i sure you you gonna eat your finger after it =)

nir766 says:

the israelis make the best . 

Razan Ghamdi says:

Wtf this’s not how we make skakshoka

Carlisle says:

This would be just fine if I were a starving peasant.

Kekanunu says:

I believe this channel is called ALLrecipes, not YOURrecipes! Anyway, you don’t hear Italians screaming about how Pizza Hut is butchering pizzas or chef Boyardee for butchering pasta dishes….geez people, lighten up its just food.

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