Brunch Recipes – How to Make Monkey Bread

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Watch how to make sweet, cinnamony monkey bread using your bread machine. Pop the dough into the bread machine. Then simply cut the dough into chunks, coat them with a buttery sweet syrup mixture, and place the chunks into a Bundt pan. The coated dough will come together in the hot oven just like puzzle pieces.

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Greg says:

Wow. Americans are so lazy! Like, what the hell? You have a machine that MAKES THE DOUGH & COOKS IT?!

Bane says:

You are pronouncing margarine wrong. Pronounce it ‘marj-ah-reen’.

Michael says:

That looks very tasty. THX for this. I’ll give it a shot. Greets from Munich.

Artúr Tóth says:

Delicious Liver Qi Stagnation and Dampness.

Carole Ingram says:

I tried this recipe today and it was delicious! It’s a keeper in our family.  I didn’t add raisins or nuts, just made it plain since none of my kids like nuts in desserts.  🙂 

Barbara Carolina Hernandez Fernandez says:

In matter fact, they’re 3 Americas, you forgot central America, we don’t belong neither north America nor south America

GlassLegend# says:

this looks really good, but I’m still wondering what the name monkey has got to do with a delicious and sweet baked bread anyway?

Emily Merovich says:

Do you have to use raisins?

Kimberly Pingol says:

am I able to use almonds

kinglimerules339back says:

love it

gsooo1 says:

The only thing im thinking is if it’ll be possible to make it this time around the year., coz its so cold the yeast dough might take hours to rise &its to be risen twice..

Dmitriy Zhelnovakov says:

Do you have to put the reasons or pecans

Kim Hurry says:

is it the same lady as in the shows “How is it made” ?

NusaybahBintKa3b says:


nielsf says:

I have a question about the “dough” cycle.
It says to let it run until completed, but in that case it has risen twice already.
Does the dough rise a third time in the pan?

because my bread maker, if memory serves, does this

knead— wait 30 minutes or so for a rise—knead again but not as long— wait until a second rise,shorter than the first—bake.

Do i let it knead, rise and then simple stop the dough cycle and let the second rise finish in the pan?

First time really using the machine for anything other than bread to be honest…

gsooo1 says:

O.m.g. absolutely love it.i did this long time back without any bread machine(don’t have it)..looking at this, even this looks so very delish.thank u guys:-)

Alex Jones says:

Damn, the music is so fresshhhh

Diamond ._. says:

Righttt xD

monia Salem says:


Noor Reen says:

can we do it without the machine 

Melanie Truot says:

that looks yummy.

Greg Bradshaw says:

they ask for thirds? her children must be morbidly obese

Andy J says:

Hello. can I use regular unbleached flour or do I need bread machine flour?

Hanna Barkhadle says:

i have all the ingredients except yeast, and i’ve made this monkey bread exactly from allrecipes before with yeast, so i think it’s important, but can i use baking powder instead?

Carole Ingram says:

Nothing lazy about using a bread machine to do your dough! I have two machines (one I purchased over 5 years ago for only $50 and the other was given to me as it was never used by the original owner) and I make a lot of breads, cinnamon rolls, sweet rolls, bread bowls, pita bread, bagels, etc. Bread machines makes it just easier and you can invest more time doing other things in the kitchen or spend more quality time with your family. It was awfully rude to call someone lazy for using a bread machine. There’s many reason to use a bread machine!!

Sam Billy says:

this was so delish!! thanks for the great recipe.. my children couldn’t even let it cool!! lol

Cira Sow says:

can you do this with a hand mixer

Lily Allford says:

thanks i love it

jbright97 says:

why is everything in slow motion? “1 cup of water” 8 seconds later the water is in bread maker. it was a good video BUT painful to watch the over exaggerated slow motion.

Андрей Ван says:

Очень занимательный рецепт!! Суперррр!

Scarbo 27 says:

That was a lot of butter…

wejo jojo says:

please I want to know what is the name of machine that bake pastry you use it in this video. 

StarleePie47 says:

This looks more like a cake than bread. It tastes good though!

PajaroAzul1624 says:

I really need to used a dough machine!?

Kenanah Tility says:


GazeRock123 says:

Where did this dish get its name o_o?

Abel Guzman says:

That looks really interesting n

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