Brunch Recipes – How to Make Grilled Cheese Brunch Bake

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Start breakin’ out the bacon and beg please for more cheese with this awesome hybrid of your favorite breakfast sandwich and the king of sandwiches, grilled cheese. Assemble mouth-watering layers of bread, ham, bacon, eggs and cheese and when it’s hot, golden and bubbly, you’re going to be the most popular of brunch hosts.

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nanosa H says:

yam yam tasty

Rexism7 says:

What’s the name of the song please anyone know it. ? they play some awesome music in “Allrecipes” food clips,

 but never give the name the song in listings they used.. could you please add song listing Allrecipes pretty plz 🙂
in discriptions of your videos.. you play some awesome music with food.. double enticing 🙂

Meow Purry says:


Harambe the Gorilla says:

Why cheese slices on the bottom layer and shredded on the other layers?

Afroditi M. says:

are you copying TASTY now?

Nathan Comunale says:

ummm, yuk!

Mo Life says:


Neko Tengu says:

Yum, soggy bread… my not favorite…

Oliver Jackson says:


Kulinary Kreations says:

Seems like the egg, for me, needs more time in the oven. I love grilled cheese & Monte Cristo’s! YUM

banofee Donut says:


Chelsea May Opiz says:

OMG looks so good

Jonathan Hernandez says:

I just bought a cheese factory so I think I should have just enough cheese for this recipe.

Old Schooled says:

That looks disgusting.

Nemesis Enforcer says:

The Widow maker

ssjmichael says:

Sorry that looks like a hot mess

entrando ala cocina de Gaby says:

I thinksqlook very yummy I’m going to do it I’ll just give more time in the oven

Nathan Comunale says:

you just lost a sub. i don’t want to know how to cook up a heart attack.

Bee Bee Ang says:

This recipe is going to kill you.

RKith593 says:

looks so good, I want to make it!

marchetta67 says:

Change the name of the dish to “Heart Attack on a Plate.”

Kris723 says:

That looks wrong

Nicolás Madeo says:


Tanpitcha Trivuth says:

ahh that old school #epicmealtime feeling ♡

50hellkat2 says:

It was all going great until all that egg got poured into it. Would leave that out.

WillowandPaisley says:

Looks good to me. I’d just bake it a bit longer.

Jessica Rodriguez says:

That looks sooooo good!!!!!

Rick Ross says:

This is why I can’t lose weight, Bread, meat, and cheese!

Sunny vg says:

and here we have a quick recipe for a Heart Attack hahahaha (jk)

fivelightsonahill says:

Oh my gosh yum!!!

Mary Winder says:

To much bread and cheese. Looks gross

eph5121 says:

lotta possibilties, substitute the pig meat, add veges, tweek the method.

anthony whitehead says:

looks good&tasty.i like it.

Jason Smith says:


Ariana Dourre says:

Okay first of all, that music DOES not go with the video, leave indie house to Buzzfeed please. And second of all, that recipe was a mess and disgusting.

karl john says:


MCM says:

song name anybody?

Cheri says:

too much bread, soggy…….. I’ll pass

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