Brunch Recipes – How to Make A French Toast Sandwich

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Make a brunch to impress or simply a breakfast to charm with totally indulgent stuffed French toast drenched in hot citrus syrup. Cook together red wine, orange juice and zest, maple syrup and crushed red pepper, then make sandwiches with whole wheat bread filled with cream cheese and fresh blueberries. Dip in egg and milk, fry in butter, and serve hot for pure morning breakfast bliss!

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Sensitive Light says:

The amount of butter it was like it was deep fried

Wes Chambers says:

i agree, red wine and red pepper flakes, not on my watch!! this is an interesting take on a grilled cheese sandwich made with french toast!! i`m not big on blue berries, but strawberries, or raspberries would work for me and that sauce would go out the window. i can make 4 slices of french toast with 2 eggs, and i might even have enough egg left for 2 more slices. my version works pretty good, if you like to try it. put your eggs and milk in a bowl with between 1 teaspoon and 1 tablespoon. stir it all together, begin dipping your bread into the mixture, fry them up, and and enjoy. i like mine with maple syrup. thank you so much for sharing Allrecipes, with love from Wes!!! hugs!!!

saul perez says:

Wheat bread???

Skeptic Alien says:

*I’d rather just order it.. too much work*

trickjacko says:

What kind of peppers? Spicy ones?

darsox64 says:

trying too hard.

Missyka1 M says:

Makes no sense, red wine and peppers for French toast? I don’t think so

crystalsunshine says:

4 eggs for 2 sandwiches??

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