Brunch Mimosas By The Pitcher

❤️ SUBSCRIBE: Wedding season is almost here!! Time for all of those bridal shower/wedding brunches which means mimosas!!!

It’s ridiculous that 3 simple ingredients can taste so doggone amazing! How is it even possible? When I say I can drink mimosas by the pitcher I’m not even kidding! Like seriously not kidding. Not even for play-play! 🍽️ I don’t mess around when it comes to a mimosa! They are my fav excuse to drink before 5!

In this video we are making up a pitcher of mimosas to serve your guest of 6 (or 1, hey I’m not here to judge) You’ll probably want to make a double or triple batch, trust me!! It goes so fast!

These mimosas are so bright, fizzy, citrusy and refreshing! They belong at every brunch!

P.S don’t let me discourage you in the video from juicing your own oranges. I’m just out of shape and dramatic. It’s really not that hard or time-consuming.


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Khadijah R. says:

B.T.W, I was the 1 who suggested the Q and A video, so if you do it can you please give me a shoutout.

49ers_red_and_gold says:

That looks great! And your out of shape lol.

Whats Cooking Lari says:

Dear Diva! I do have champagne glasses . You can borrow it from me anytime! Gladly 🙂

Titus2Chic says:

monique, i checked the blog but didn’t see the champagne options. i saw that processo was mentioned but not anything more specific. thx!!

Ivana Alicea says:

Hahahahaha the shade for the hubby was so funny

Martirhia Henderson says:

Making these for birthday gathering

Qdeecody says:


Gabriel Campos says:

Dont stir and pour in at an angle with the wine first

Life As I Know It says:

That looks so good and refreshing. OMG. I think I need a glass after finishing this paper for school!

Sinquetta Fox says:

Hi if I make this for a party so I need to make it the day before?

Stephanie says:

*Gasp* you’re a breath of fresh air! Love the filming, all the food and cocktail recipes! The short and sweet video length and of course the narration…my fave! Glad I came across your channel!

NaturallyNeesh says:

I’m having a brunch style wedding reception next year and of course will need mimosas while getting ready and also every Saturday from now until September lol

Michael Coulombe says:

Love Mimosas…even created a podcast about it.

coolc mitch says:

You are too funny! thx again for another lovely video, I really do enjoy watching ur videos

FlaminBeast says:

Hahahaaaaa! I am here for all your recipes ever, but am definitely here now for you reading your husband like that too. Live on the air. I bet he didn’t know til this video.

Tamtam S says:

Happy Mother’s Day…..m
where have you been?
miss ur Video’s…..

Danielle Banks says:

Does anybody else find her voice really soothing lol!

Courtney Jackson says:

awww happy mommies day

Queen Negus says:

this is my girl! we’re best friends….she just don’t know it yet:)

Christianna Jones says:

Hey Diva!!! I love your channel and blog. I wanted to know what is s good champagne for mimosas?

Janet Antonio says:

I really loved this video

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