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Learn how to make my Christmas Brunch Buffet! An easy menu loaded with great Christmas brunch recipes that will keep everyone well fed on Christmas morning. From my orange, cranberry crumb cake to my “overnight oats” oatmeal bar, egg casserole, hash brown cups and maple glazed bacon!

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haural says:

I love love love your channel! Blessings! Regards from Mexico

danine56 says:

can i ask with the crumb cake what can i use instead of cloves as i dislike them ??? love your menu looks soooo yummy

Candys Mayo says:

I love the Persimmon tree!!! Please do a tutorial!

cooldesert30 says:

Fantastic brunch and inspiration! Thanks for all of the tips and tools. Thank you for sharing Beth, and providing more information on the inspired home. Lastly, I love your logo. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Blessings!

Kate A. says:

I’d love to make he cranberry crumb cake but some of my family members are gluten free … could I substitute the flour and still have it turn out well?? Any tips

MarathonMom4 says:

Love the game plan! You’re the best!

johnntanya says:

Beth, this is amazing! Thanks so much. For the egg bake, could you please make a suggestion as to a substitution for the sausage to make it vegetarian friendly?

TalkShowKelly says:

Wanted to update: I followed this game plan to the letter and everyone was so impressed. The crumb cake is amazing. Eggs and hash browns and bacon got rave reviews and there wasn’t any oatmeal left. Thank you for making me a Christmas morning hero Beth! Have a happy new year and I look forward to trying many more of your recipes and menus.

gabriella gabbrielli says:

Hello! I can’t find froasted hash browns to buy, so which sort of potatoes should I use and do I have to cook them before?
Thank You in advance for your answer!

Terese Powell says:

YEEEEESSS! Thank you!

TalkShowKelly says:

I am copying this entire thing on Christmas morning! Thank you! Anxiously awaiting the tutorial on the centerpiece.

jackie viterbo says:

I loved everything ❤️ Christmas Day is my middle sons birthday and I love the spin you put on breakfast. Such a beautiful presentation. I do have one question. My youngest son is Lactose intolerant how do you think the egg bake would come out without the cottage cheese? Also, your father looks so familiar???

chiu rosanna says:

This definitely deserves at least 100k thumbs up. Very inspiring. Thanks for the great work. Love it. Merry Christmas.

Farra Pouilh says:

Made the entire menu today it was a big hit thank you Beth joyeux Noel

Beth Bilous says:

Making these hash brown thingies. might even serve em for dinner with my tenderloin, pretty and easy

Ashley Z says:

Unfortunately if I made that cake for brunch, I probably would eaten it all before Christmas morning. Still gonna make it though 😉

Amins kitchen says:

Hi, love thank you so much for this recipe and Merry Christmas. Can I use frozen cranberry?

46619TAB says:

Beth, We’re hosting a birthday a party for our little Chihuahua puppy in January, she’ll be a year old and everything she’s seen, including snow, has been a first time experience. I have the eezy peezy doggie birthday cake recipe ready and the invite includes 6 of her best friends and their moms and dads when it dawned on me ‘what do I feed the humans’? This brunch is PERFECT so thank you for saving me work trying to put something together!! The menu looks quick and easy and when I had the B&B in Key West, the ‘Oatmeal Bar’ was usually a hit even without the slow cooker. Only difference was we had a very productive Mango tree out back by the pool! You present a very nice table Beth!!!

One other thing and NO offense intended but I always have to laugh at the idea of modern day cooks that wisk the dry ingredients in a separate bowl from the wet. Back in the day when I learned to bake watching my mom and grandmother, the wet ingredients were wisked with a fork and the dry ingredients were put in the hand sifter and added right to the wet. I still use the hand sifter my parents got as a wedding gift in 1946 and it works great, so does Old Faithful, the Sunbeam Mix Master!!

Thanks Beth!!

Pizza PuppyGamer says:

I like the part where the bacon looks crispy.Thank you Beth,you inspired me ( 11 year old boy ) into cooking! Keep up the ggod work and your cookings looks so good just like my mom’s! ^-^

Samantha Little Bits of Home says:

This looks amazing!!! I love the game plan! Timing is always tricky, so I love learning how you prep ahead! Must buy that bacon pan asap!

Emily Coelho says:

I love this very much beth! Bravo

Marisa Brocco says:

Amazing!!! Love your videos especially the ones you can do ahead thank you!!!

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