9 Easy & Delicious Breakfasts

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Sabrina YMCA says:

Mine turned out like shit

S3 says:

1:03 we call it cevapi in Croatia

Rana Altamimi says:

“Freeze up to 1 month” 2:01

Kees says:

last view are great for kids <3

Oamiah Grant says:

2:36 more like banana rolls ;D

Gamemaster1and2 says:

Why is your cheddar ORANGE?!

Driippyy Jessii says:

*freeze up to one month* (ToT) ಥ_ಥ

Sheila Young says:

I Was Like Ok I can Make Some of these in the morning for school tomarrow And Then I saw They Bakin?! And I was like “AINT NOBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS GOT TIME FOR DAT !”

Lauren says:

What was the song called on this? Reminded me of sonic

Gabrie l says:

EASY your fucking insane!!

Caleb Gutierrez says:

I followed the banana pancakes recipe, and it turned out disgusting…

rhgd2000 says:

The toast ones don’t count.

Karito Nuñez says:

Se ve muy fácil, delicioso y rápido de hacer!

Ella Bella x says:

freeze up to 1month wtf

Oamiah Grant says:



Charlotte Gfroerer says:

Screw this weres the lucky chams

Haroon Rasheed says:

2:01 *Freeze up to 1 Month*
What really.!?

Jeatherlyy says:

*” Freeze up to 1 month “*

*And I thought this was a “Easy and Delicious” video.*

Suha Nafsi says:

Being a lactose intolarence person I can only eat banana pancake.
In my country we don’t have milk or cheese supliment.

-Aesthetically Jae- says:

Ion want soggy granola…HELL NAH

Anaïs Nad says:

i have had an oral surgery yesterday ( impacted canine ) and i cant eat and im super hungry … just torturing my self with these videos ..

Sebastian Pinzon says:

1 month whhaaa

Trouble Maker says:

“Freeze up to one month”

JungJungKookie 123 says:

wat is buter .

Flame_ says:

“Freeze up to 1 month”

LOLITSMEH -the roblox gaming girl says:

“Eh I’m gonna go with toast”

Madison the Crybaby musician says:

Am i the only one who skips breakfast alot

Paeunia says:

They never actually tell you what you need for the sausage wrap :'( it looks like egg and cinnamon so imma do that…. Ill add milk tho, egg is sticky

Mylilcutie1 says:

I don’t think I searched up Instagram worthy breakfasts, all I wanted was sum toast

CID MoDz says:

Uhm yea NVM i’ll just eat cereal

Doll Ilinea says:

That moment you realize you’re watching breakfast videos at 1 in the morning….

Luis de leon says:

Mute the video while playing The Grand Budapest Hotel soundtrack. You’re welcome

ConnorVlogs says:

Who just has vanilla and cinnamon sitting around

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