7 Easy Weekend Brunch Recipes

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Mucha Ale says:

Very tempting recipes!

Aisha Ali says:

the music is awesome

Ngọc Lan Nhi Vũ says:

Ok, the real questions are:
Can I eat these on weekdays????
Are these really easy??????????
Answer or not is alright, I know the answer btw 🙂

Ott Bott says:

These look swell and all but who had this much effort in the mornings

Would You Kindly? says:

Starting to think Tasty have shares in cream cheese.

Lee Wallace says:

Aww that lil french toast pocket was cute I wanna pinch it’s little cheeks

Sándor Lakatos says:

im’ hungarya

S says:

please change the channel name from ”Tasty’ to ‘Obese’ or ‘Diabetes’ or ‘Heart disease’. Any will do

lewis 77 says:

can I substitute the cinnamon with something else?

Regina EF T says:

it’a funny bc when i was a kid, people keep telling me that cheese is american thing like what, we eat cheese too, but now, look at these tasty haahahaaah

shahid ahmed says:

Wow you will get diabetes just by watching this

Jon Doyle says:

I like these multible recipe videos cause i dont have to take the time to click on another video to watch another recipe

Nsar stafeenee says:

Hi please watch my cat video please

Aisha Ali says:

why do potatoes have red skin. our potatos have brown skin

Niva Vevo says:

Who else cooks the egg yolks to me it’s just nasty eating them raw

Chileshe Zulu says:

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Somni - says:

Btw, the baked hash browns are pure bs.
The cheese melt everywhere and the baking tray is full of water even if you squeeze it out very hard because of the salt.
Plus, they are super oily even if you reduce the butter.

Don’t do it.

Vikki Waiting says:

its just the most fail proof amazing channel ever

minecraft and roblox gammer says:

do falafel pls
like this if you want tasty to do falafel

collarmole says:

stop the cream cheese madness

Lovely Genise says:

has anyone tried one of these yet?

Arctario says:

Can I get some likes? No? Okay. Goodbye.

Juan says:

cheese and a little bit more cheese

Lakerea Burrell says:

I moaned when they opened that cinnamon roll.

Lord Kire Vlad says:

enchiladas? jajajajajaja

Juss Bazeka says:

ohh yess!

Alicia Williams says:

Who else was vibing out to the jazz tune playing

Audry Yu says:

I say those 7 meals looks great.
I like too eat one tasty they are good.
why do you make good things.
I really want to make them.
I like to eat all

Twoclaw says:

3:56 Why’d you call it a hash when most of the ingredients were largely diced or julienned? Isn’t a hash supposed to be finely chopped – take hash browns for example.

ailish086 says:

Is that a stuff as much fat into a meal as possible challenge? The amount of butter and cream cheese and other fats in these were ridiculous! I really hope people are aware of this. No wonder the US has such weight issues.

Cali Loved says:

A video without cheese maybe?

Sandra Palomino says:

esas no son enchiladas U.U

aprilnewkirk says:

Ugh so much cream cheese

J Templar says:

the fact that the hash browns were not cooked in the bacon fat deeply disturbs me

mribanez91 says:

This is the wet dream of all cream cheese

Soozie Loozie says:

This is a great video

R D says:

not for the faint hearted..

Leo Harris says:

Ah yes cream cheese

Spongebob says:

What if Tasty was originated in a country without cream cheese?

Changbin Zhang says:

give cream cheese a break

angellus09 says:

Omg! The last one made me say “hell yes!”

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