15 Easy And Delicious Breakfast Recipes | Weekend Brunch Ideas | French Toast | Twisted

Start your morning off right with these easy and delicious breakfast recipes. These tasty recipes will certainly wake up your tastebuds.

00:04 – Cheesy Bacon French Toast Triangles
01:01 – Sheet Pan Bacon Egg Cheese Sandwiches
02:32 – Cheesy Hash Brown Breakfast Roll
03:24 – French Toast Breakfast Cups
04:24 – Mini Breakfast Tacos
04:59 – Caramel Apple Donut Rings
05:48 – Chocolate French Toast Loaf
07:22 – Red Velvet Pancakes
08:41 – French Toast Nuggets
09:45 – Family Breakfast Crunchwrap
10:15 – Breakfast Croissant Bake
11:17 – Breakfast Bread Boat
11:47 – Churro Waffles
12:38 – Loaded Brunch Skins
13:14 – Easy Breakfast Tostadas

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Zeyda Lynn says:

7:12 what did they do to the nutella?! it should be all melty, not burnt into the bread

leah jordan says:

What is it with the ketchup?!? Dipping?!? Lol not everything goes with ketchup

saxumbonum says:

Most of these are heart attacks waiting to happen…. 1000 calorie breakfasts wtf

Ka CaTu says:

I consider this for snack.

LeAnna B. says:

Is there literally any egg replacement that would work well with all these recipes?

grace surbakti says:

Opac besok

Constantin Amundsen says:

Who the fuck eats things with ketchup for breakfast… These are more like snacks and desserts, not breakfast unless its a holiday or special occassion and you have min 30 min to make breakfast

Paulina Colon Sanchez says:

Background music is annoying ,not so healthy breakfast

Krul Tepes says:

8:40 Red velvet. Huh, k-pop stans here? :DD

you know who this is says:

Well I know what I’m doing for 3:00am breakfast

Xxx productions says:

If my Dad finds me eating sweets for breakfast I’m dead meat

Real Deal says:

Want more vegetarian foods.

GHØŚT says:

I need to know the song.

marcharite ღ says:

yeah, don’t say anything when you’ll get fat

Maria Clara Silva says:

A cor do cheddar da primeira receita é mais forte doq o lápis de cor laranja

Rachel BTS says:

I keep thinking about diabetes after watching this

alli says:

>14 eggs

Diamond Stars 1020 says:

My honest opinion about your channel I think you say the recipes a little too fast

Totoro and friends says:

whats with the orange cheese?

angela peyton says:

Yaiks. What’s with the cheese and Bacon .gross

Yorkabel Habtu says:

do u have to put bacon in everything

ikram 15 says:

Ketchup for breakfast…

Kaur Puneet says:

3:37 , 7:32 , 8:59

obsidiana07 says:

These are just ideas people, you are by no means obligated to make any of these recipes lol.

JurenA Emiko says:

Erm… Do they eat everything with ketchup?, Lol Wtf

Yumi Shinku says:

2:17 i want to try it!

annieslife says:

Like why the heck is ketchup a dipping sauce for everything?

Natsuki Chan says:

Dude… that’s a lot of ketchup

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