Ultimate Breakfast Corndogs

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elena says:

The best thing about tasty videos other than the great food is how they say Oh yeah at the end

Red_Brush says:


One User says:

nobody has time to make this in the morning

mumlifewithmel says:


Ryu Galactic says:

*Asians dick*

Belinda Everman says:

Where is the corn meal or corn flour?

Stephen Nesbit says:

Surprised they didn’t make it rainbow. . . . . . .

zomgseriosuly says:

These sausages are soooooo so much better than the gross pink kind that everyone uses in hotdogs

amrita basu says:

quite sad if this is how people start the day. corn.. corny… coronary!

Pinkxannys Purrp says:

Filipino sweet spaghetti

Wolfie Haziq says:

The bacon isn’t necessary, correct?

Jett Arch says:

Where’s the corn…

Wredniara says:

You lost me at the powdered sugar. WTF America?! xD Sausage with sugar?

Jamsu says:

Huono video en tykännyt ei ollut tarpeeksi salamia

I leik Food says:

Is this vegan?

Finn McCool says:

Those do look tasty, but where is the corn in these “corndogs”? Noum sayin’?

M.A.Z 2Y7I says:

Can i NOT use sugar

Tams1978 says:

For everyone complaining about how “unhealthy” this is, you do realize we’re all going to die someday, right? Life is too short not to have yummy food once in a while.

S b says:

Please make more genius and halthy everyday recipes =)

Ransomware Sucks says:

Nice! Gluten free option?

Ambrozie Tutunaru says:


Nabanita Kundu says:


Erris Lance says:

Corndogs are for breakfast?! No wonder why most Americans are obesed

Sarah S says:

Was that syrup?

Naomie Sorbara says:


Zayde - Agar says:


Stein says:

Who titled this thing a corn dog when there no corn or hot dogs anywhere in the recipe

deepfriedhotspicydankmemes says:


martin lungley says:

it’s so unhealthy!

Billy Rickard says:


Melanka K says:

How to make your fat kids even fatter – lesson 1 😉
Way to go indeed!

the-twisted-samurai says:

what is with you guys and canola oil??? it’s the worst for you and the smoke point is terrible x_x

use peanut oil. its the most inexpensive but good for you oil. plus it’s SUPER clean, no peanuty flavor.

Nemuri_Nezumi says:

Taking away the sweet stuff in it, it seemed quite tasty (as a savory, salty dish of course, would have added some cheese too)

Its a teen life says:

Corn dogs for breakfast? Mam/ sir now I am completely aware of the reason behind your sudden heart attack! -Every doctor ever!!!

Aara Shaikh says:

at first i thought it was breakfast condoms!

fatema sidhpuri says:

All are talking about how unhealthy/tasty this is while im still wondering if this is a sweet or a savoury dish…

Red_Brush says:


Menno Rodenburg says:

Why sugar

Capitalist Anonymous says:

Carnival Breakfast


Its a teen life says:

Hi, hope you have a great day ahead. I am a teenager who has a passion for cooking. I have recently started a cooking channel and I hope you give it a chance. Thank you!!! 😉

Baylee _ says:

Can you make vegetarian freindly meals

Joud Imad says:

U should make a giant one

Jacqueline Stone says:

Where is the corn?

tata dircio says:

Why not just wrap the bacon around the sausage

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