The ULTIMATE Breakfast Smoothie | Vegan Breakfast Recipe

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Ready to take your breakfast smoothies to the next level? HealthNut Nutrition is blending up the Ultimate Breakfast Smoothie that is packed with fibre, healthy fats, and antioxidants and the best part is, it tastes delicious!



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Kimberly Tierney says:

1:33 that bit of almond butter hanging on for dear life ! haha. I LOVE LOVE blending almond butter into smoothies it adds such an amazing layer of flavor <3

Amy G says:

You should change the title of the video to include green smoothie and get more hits! This looks like a great recipe!

seygra20 says:

I have no idea where I would get hemp oil and spirulina from.

Sammie Buschman says:

Hey +healthnutnutrition in your fluffy gluten free pancakes can I substitute brown rice flour for coconut flour? My mom can’t have the starch that is in rice.

Cleo Lau says:


katwatson007 says:

yummm! I have a very similar smoothie each day too 🙂
One thing- you say “you guys” a lot, but I’m not a guy!

Laura - says:

Is this all you have for breakfast? Because I get hungry quite fast in the morning without a full belly 🙂

Nessa Wawiorko says:

Is there a specific brand of Hawaiian Spirulina that you recommend?

Brittany Olton says:

From Snapchat! Love that you regularly post on there!

Abbey Sharp says:

You’re amazing! Loved this recipe!

The Vegetarian Baker says:

I WANT THIS SMOOTHIE. Looks scrumptious.

Shamila Habibi says:

I always try your recipes they are amazing

patty 8873 says:

After watching many of the high carb low fat vegan channels I’ve steered away from adding that much fat to a smoothie. I think I would add the hemp oil (actually probably the seeds, never the oil), flax seeds or the almond butter, not all three.

Cassie Autumn says:

Love this idea!!

BikiniBOD says:

Emma Gundorf says:

Can i use frozen spinach?

Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen says:

What’s the taste like? If it’s bitter, can I add some more banana to it? 🙂

Melissa F says:

Do you know if subbing seed butter for nut butter would significantly change the nutritional value? I’m allergic to nuts and coconut, which is why I asked.

KBDProductionsTV says:

I need to try this!

jjbenna says:

yay! i have all this and will make it for breakfast. thanks

S Lenn says:

Stay healthy !

Laura Rojas says:

Don’t know if you know but the flax seeds should be grounded, our bodies do not digest the shells so we get no nutritional benefit out of the flax seed. Look it up.

NapturalButtafly says:

Thanks for the video girlie! I will be trying this soon… 😉

Sam Turnbull • It Doesn't Taste Like Chicken says:

You can never go wrong with a gorgeous vegan smoothie!

DontDreamIts Over says:

Spinach EVERY day is too acidic. switch kale for spinach and you’re fine. but spinach every day will strip your stomach and do more harm than good.

lemonroe says:

Thanks for sharing this recipe!! Also, what are you wearing on your lips? Love the color!

Samantha Jane says:

YUM! I totally feel the same way about smoothies, it is such a good way to start the day and good motivation to eat well all day, but you are so right – if you slip up at least you started right and got so much nutrition in the morning!

Jessica Bal says:

I love watching your smoothie videos! gives me so much inspiration to make them and try new combos to stay healthy.:)

Victoria DeChellis says:

Hey! loved the video! Just wondering where you got the Hemp Oil from? I’m from the Mississauga-Toronto area so not sure if you know where I could get it there? Thanks! 🙂

ItzaMeylin says:

Such a great combo!

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