Special Breakfast Recipes: How To Make Stuffed French Toast – Weelicious

Special Breakfast Recipes: Stuffed French Toast – Weelicious

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When you need a special breakfast to share with your loved ones, try this decadent stuffed french toast! Your family will love it and you’ll get your special day off to the right start! Did your family love this recipe? Let me know in the comments below!

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Hibaq Ige says:

This tasted sooooo good, I made it and I think I’m going to eat this every morning.

Kakashi Hatake says:


Bhyfch Bhyfch says:

hi weelious

Matthew Redmond says:

How old is Kloe there. She is so well behaved & mannered

chosen Dobbs says:

u da Truth as we say in the hood

Lone Wolf Zakuro says:

Challah isn’t really buttery per say, more eggy than anything.

Anne Marie Christine Velasco says:

Learned a lot

Shoot 2 Kil says:

I’m making this for my granma

Harley-Jo Friend says:

Made them this morning and it was a hit! I didn’t feel the need to even add anything on top which I LOVE! I think these are a perfect substitute for the store-bought toaster strudels.They are not quite as on the go but for taste it’s awesome!  I appreciate you sharing these easy, fun, and affordable recipes so much!!! So difficult to find anything like your recipes without searching, searching. searching. At least in my experience! And I am heading to the store to get your cookbooks because of the all the videos you have shared on here that have worked out so amazing for my families health and budget!! Thank you!!!! We can’t get enough 😀

mi Pol says:

your lil cute princess reminds me of my childhood days. she is so sweet.

Colten Meyer says:

Oooyyee goooeyyy

MarieKhris8 says:

Made these this morning for my anniversary with my boyfriend and it was delicious!

Tetra Max says:

Adorable meter has been broken.

Thanks for the recipe, Weelicious!

Devaughn Montgomery says:

amazing recipe I certainly enjoyed this! and chloe is just one of the most adorable children I have ever witnessed!

uncleoky says:

You are hiding the most important points by your info banner!!!Do you want to give recipe or want to show your video montage technics?

kith s says:

mmmm, that’s marvellous, thank you

AHeart OfWorship says:

Looks so yummy!

Can’t wait to try this! 🙂

Csup says:

The fps killed me

Morgan Waymire says:

The little girl is so adorable.

Matthew Alonso says:

i know it has eggs, but the fact that you can add blueberries and/or strawberries makes me want to cook this tomorrow with a couple egg deavux. best french toast video i’ve seen today. thanks. i am looking forward to this tomorrow haha.

metalxmecha567 says:

Perfect for late night munchies haha

Jan Jani says:

what a sweet mother

Арсений Ялалов says:

пойду поем

Tamara Richardson says:

+patrick scot

Jonah Tania says:

Made it and that shit was fckn delicious!

Cami Dozer says:

Absolutely Delicious! Thank you Weelicious for such a easy recipe!

GWSean and Seth says:

She’s making me hungry

TyBOogieBxyTe says:

i had my family over from spain yesterday , and i wanted to impress them by making something delicious , special and americanish..and thankx to your delicious recipe ,it worked , they love me more . and they also wish they can live here in the states with me ,, lol , but that aint happening .

beadydani says:

Aww so sweet to see your little girl joining in, excellent tutorial. Will make a perfect Saturday brunch.

Flo Ra says:

Ohhhhh man!!! That is sooooooo delicious!!!

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