My favorite QUICK breakfast tacos in less than 15 minutes! Try my go to recipe and let me know what you think

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Starbucks Iced Coffee


Black Beans
Guerrero Corn Tortillas
Salt & Pepper
La Victoria Red Taco Sauce
Trader Joes Pico De Gallo


giselle alexandra says:

I thought i invented this ima just step back

brisa jimenez says:

#cookingwkaty i love these videos

daisy vasquez says:

You know you can actually buy the classic sweetener that is used for your iced coffee at Starbucks. I work at one and buy syrups all the time. That way you can make your iced coffee at home like the way its done at Starbucks!

Vida Garcia says:

That’s forever been my tortilla brand!

Annel Moreno says:

4:13 & 4:19 is me every time I’m heating up tortillas. idk how my Mexican grandma can just grab them with her whole hand and hold them there while she heats up the other ones and stirs the frijoles at the same time. #hispanicproblems

Shanena Tyquiengco says:

I like how you toss the hot tortilla and it still lands on the plate.

Emily Reddin says:

I fucking love yall.

Joann Najera says:

I LOVE these videos


if u ever get a tiny piece of eggshell in the pan…grab the eggshell u just cracked and scoop the tiny piece in the pan with it. its like a magnet. I used to fiddle with a fork or knife trying to get the little piece out and it never worked. this does everytime

Chanel Froberg says:

This looks so good! I may have to jump on the liking eggs train for this.

Megan Marie says:

Don’t feel bad girl we have all fucked up our fingers at least once warming up a tortilla lmao


thats nasty as fuck

Ina Krasteva says:

I would not say this is healthy but definitely yum if you want to indulge. Skim milk has a very high sugar content and canned veg have a very high sugar content as sugar acts as a preservative

Gaby says:

I use agave to sweeten my coffee, it’s a little healthier

FlatDerp SS420 says:


Amber Klein says:

Where can I buy that Starbucks coffee in store?!

Marian James says:

Thanks for sharing Katy ❤

Jessica Rosado says:

cilantro ruins everything, but that looks yummers!!

Karina Dlacruz Ramirez says:

yum!! looks pretty yummy!!! i gots to try it!! you’re too funny n cute when cooking!!

Dee Donner Ramone says:

I feel the production values would increase significantly if she were to do this topless.

Tracy Tinsley says:

Yesss cooking with K❤

Kirsten McGuigan says:

I eat the something pretty much daily! the best breakfast!

Mandy Navarro says:

If the sugar doesn’t dissolve, make simple syrup. Just room temp or warmish water with sugar so it dissolves.

Andrea Wasson says:

Please consider reviewing the Gerda Spillmann Bio Fond Cream Foundation. It’s kind of pricey but I hear it’s worth it. I appreciate all of your efforts helping people in the beauty community! Thank you!

Corine Sass says:

watching you make scrambled eggs like that made me cringeeee gurllll

Makeupby amandalee says:

Throws tacos against the room & the highlight begins to have a moment

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