Potato Flower Breakfast Cups

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Greta mmm boi says:

It’s kind of amazing that tasty’s been able to build such an empire when most of their ‘recipes’ are exactly the same thing

marbleddcactus says:

this made my pussy pop

sleepy waifu says:

*A potato flew around my room before you came*

Sheila Quan says:

Good for low carb too!

Netuś says:

they are raw!

leedle says:

how to ruin potatoes
*watch this video*

TatersArts says:

Is there an alternative for cheese in this recipe?

Pinkalicous _101 says:

Omg I cannot resist making these

Saltiest Salted Salty Salt says:

You broke that one 0:58

James Campton says:

Wait a minute, Notice the 3rd cup at the top. Isn’t that luck if you get two eggyolks in one egg.

HighlandYuki says:

Is it possible to get the yolk a bit more firm without risk getting the potato too dry?

хле6 says:

That egg is raw

Hermione Granger says:

who has time to slice potatoes anymore? lol

Aaron Ryder says:

Why don’t tasty post recipes which doesn’t involve so much cheese.

Alpha210TX the great says:

Subscribe to me

Andrew Molina says:

Not even going to peel the skin

fatema sidhpuri says:

This is indeed tasty but do not eat these for breakfast

favorite song Islam says:

you should wash vegetables before cutting

Cademan Caden says:

Could also mix the cheese & eggs & pour in the middle making omelette cups but I get the whole visual flower thing

Suze Silva says:

Deu água na boca!

ultra weeb says:

yooo, have i seen this before?

zombie slayer says:

Who ever likes this comment and subscribe to my channel I’ll sub back

Hermione Granger says:

looks so delicious *eyes watering*

Rachel Hildebrand says:

TASTY CHALLENGE – make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

Maha Aziz says:

Made it today for brunch , Tip: do not reduce the heat to 400 it will take forever , so keep it 400, 15 mins for the potatos then 13 mins after adding the eggs

Its a teen life says:

Hi, hope you have a great day ahead. I am a teen who has a passion for cooking. I have recently started a cooking channel and I hope you give it a chance. Thank you!!! 😉

TheEdomek says:

What’s the name of this music/song?

Adrian Rodriguez says:

the double yolk got me crazy

Tam Tam says:

This looks so good!! Subscribe to my channel for more food content-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyaNgdo8QMse9hz05pDc0fw

Marshmallo pops says:

the egg was a wee bit raw, I suggest cooking it before hand

sumbal butt says:

Eggs r underbake….

Auhjanae McGee says:

Next on Tasty: “Potato Flour Breakfast Cups”

Sanji vani says:

Okay.. But where is flower in this?

EX destroyer says:

Too much work for breakfast

Brazzy JØŞË says:

Why does almost everything have to involve eggs my nigga shitttt

Sérgio Ricardo says:

Beautifull and delicious !!!

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