Potato, Egg, & Smoked Sausage Breakfast Burrito- An Easy Breakfast Recipe |Cooking With Carolyn|

So here’s one of my easy breakfast burrito creations. I make this burrito when I’m on my way out the door so I can get my day started right. It’s also great for the kids before they leave for school. You can use any kind of sausage or turn this into a vegetarian creation. For more recipes check out http://gdseasoning.com

Potato, Egg, & Smoked Sausage Breakfast Burrito RECIPE LINK:


msdeshabangbang says:

THIS is such a good video!!!

Noah Coffey says:


James Zhao says:

Great video! Love it

Kevin Li says:

Really nice video

HunterFisher 99 says:

beans would be a nice addition too

Piano Man42 says:

I am a bachelor and make burritos all the time, and have been looking for a tutorial on the breakfast version.  Thank you for posting this.  By the way, where did you get that huge cutting board?   I have been wanting one for about a decade and can’t find one anywhere.  Wal-Mart only sells a little Pee-Wee sized cutting board.

KeiBreezyful says:

Looks so great! All I would add is some cheese and I’d be all set!

Joanna T says:

thanks for this tutorial! this is so great and easy to follow! 🙂 now i can make a burrito anytime! 🙂

Karina B. says:


Dryy Bonez says:

Those look bangin

Carolyn Aguilar says:

Wow i was about to start my coking channel and looks like someone stole my channel name lol!

Joel Lopez says:

The way she chopped the onion says it all!!

Instinct says:

Mmmm I’m huuuuuungry now!!! I will be subscribing and trying your recipes 🙂

Milo Savage says:

good job sister we love you !

just1rachel says:

The best tutorial! Recently got married and made this for my husband. He really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Michael Persian says:

Thank you for excellent teaching. I learned lot of nice recipes from you nice lady. Macy

M J says:

wow, i love the way u cook eggs. everyone can’t cook good eggs, good job

just1rachel says:

The best tutorial! Recently got married and made this for my husband. He really enjoyed it. Thank you!

Paarth Patel says:

this shit looks fire

Queen Millian says:

looks so good

PinkeeLee says:

nice video. very clear recipe. thanks.

Kohdak!! says:

I just got a flat iron skillet and I want to make breakfast items for my friends at school. Is it possible it to make it on that too?

Rocio J says:

New subsciber! Love the video im gonna make this!!

Alex Atkind says:

Looks delicious!

lekkki1 says:

You got mad skills girl! Thanks so much for this awesome recipe. I am very jealous of your onion handling expertise.

TMC3 Productions says:

I love to add some tomatoes, and jalapeños for spice!

ملاك ألمانياا says:


Kaylyn Rhea says:

Love this recipe! I”m always so busy.. I actually just made a bunch of these burritos and put them in my freezer and I pop them in the microwave while I’m getting ready in the morning. If I have time I’ll cut up avocado and put it inside too!

ForbiddenSainity says:

oohhhhhh…….. I always wake up at 4 30 in the morning to make foooddd

dawn dish soap says:

can u use pan suasuge

Devin Grevious says:


Stropperleek 1 says:

Can we put butter in before the potatoes as the oil?

Devin Grevious says:

What kind of skillet is that?

Carolyn Raymond Boin says:

My name is Carolyn and I approve of this. 🙂

Ted Crilly says:

Would it be better to par boil/steam the potato first?

Yue Hu says:

This tutorial is great! and I love the background music, could you tell me the name of it? Thanks!

mithila pai says:

Simple but beautiful recipe.

Pooja Sekar says:

Vegans can substitute sausages nd egg with peas.. And add few mustard seeds and green chillies before adding onions in hot oil. After adding potatoes, add salt for taste.. This will become a perfect Indian recipe! 😀

Nessa Guatemala says:

Omg it looks so good!! I wanna make it now

Mariana Ruiz says:

No cheese?

Gabriel Gomez says:

love the music lol

bdougwrx says:

Looks, and I’m sure it taste great! Thanks!

Anna Arrigoni says:

Looks delicious! Very tempted to make this in a few hours if I have the ingredients

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