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Angel Sanchez says:

He is growing hair

Justin Morrow says:

I definitely think you should keep this look, just keep cleaning it up. it suits you

Brendan Smith says:


Jack ez Back says:

How do you guys make oatmeal ? One time i tried to boil them was freacking disgusting xD

CM Connolly says:

much love man

thomas mcdonald says:

You are inspiring Pete you stay strong through anything that go on in your life

xdshrek says:

Hello, can someone please tell me how many grams of oats can i have a day when cutting ? I love oats 🙂

David John says:

You should grow a beard Pete!

The C.T.K. 1000 says:

I’ve ate nothing but oatmeal for breakfast for like two months now. It’s just so easy and healthy.

BTW, thank you so much Pete for that shake recipe you gave out a while back. It is so freaking delicious and fun to make. I was just shaking my powder with water and it worked but it was not very good.

Now I’m more motivated to get to the gym so I can indulge in your great recipe.

Swole Turd says:

Put your shirt on, nobody want to see your pale ass body.

Fried Radic says:

I hate when someone walks without a shirt in the kitchen and just got out of bed. Did you brush your teeth when you wake up ????

drew says:

Holy no way she can deadlift that much- that’s insane!! Props to her

K. O. says:

Mel lookin fine as hell

Team Cobra says:

WHY DON’T YOU SAY WHAT’S THE RESULT OF YOU’RE LAST MRI SCAN ? Did chemo killed everything or what’s the next chapter . ???????????????????

AlaskanWhiskey says:

Gonna be getting some goku gains once I get back from the field, time to bulk up!! Really enjoy your videos, been watching since you started this channel since day 1 and you motivated me a lot these few months, and I hope you continue to strive and achieve more goals in your near future and continue to live a happy life

sam garard says:

hey pete u da best

Uniquelyyours1 says:

You’re awesome, Pete:)

Loker N7 says:

Gordon Ramsay: Are those blueberries frozen?
Pete: Yes, and you can taste the frozene…
Gordon: Fuck me.

Flipzshot says:

That dude from day 1 was a BEAST, wow!

- R4BBITZz - says:

That girl is a true beast…what’s her name?
I kinda can’t bealive that she’s able to lift that much :O

Francisco Aguero Aguero says:


ManIac says:

Pete.. I’m not really motivated to watch your videos cuz I’m not a VLOG watching person but you are by far the best vlogger I know.
I already loved the videos where you travelled from country to country and everything.
Watching your videos for couple of years now and I just want you to know that you are such a great person and a great motivation for training and never giving up in life!

Kerri-Anne Cauchi says:


Anthony Davis says:

had the same thing for breakfast as well

William Murphy says:

at least MelDiva was getting you vlogging so be happy about that Pete. way to go Mel.

SchneiderMan says:

Everyone wearing Goomah, dude is getting richer..

TaylorEngberson Vlogs says:

Hi Pete

Talon Z says:

Oats and hoes

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