How to Make EGG in BREAD Simple Quick Breakfast recipe

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How to Make Egg in Bread. Not to be confused with egg bread. It’s simple and quick to prepare and makes an ideal breakfast or when you’re feeling a bit peckish. Serve it with some bacon or sausages and you will have something really tasty.

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Shaz W says:

Where are you from out of interest? East London, Essex?

CrAzY ChLoE KiD says:

id thougt I’ll try something new and quick before school and this is the food it tastes amazing thanku so much

Breakfast Recipes says:

anyone want to sub to me? ill happily sub back :)) just like this comment

Breakfast Recipes says:

Amazing recipe

Bill M says:

We call this spit in the eye where I’m from.

Shaz W says:

Cute. Although you’ll have even more toast if you just do a fried egg on toast 😉 What do you do with the cut out circle of bread – feed the ducks? I do like your videos and we all find entertaining the way you always say “me” + noun, haha… I’d use plastic utensils with a non-stick pan.

fourthgirl says:

Toast up the “hole” in the pan. You get some extra yummy for dipping in the yolk.

Joe Anderson says:

Never eat or chew food on mic! Also, this is not any more simple or quick than any other way to cook this, so it is misleading.

Tegan Smith says:


Andrew Dillon says:

We call it Eggs in a Basket

earthminus10 says:

one eyed jacks in the USA .

Richard Zhu says:

Why do all cooking channels seem like they want us to be hungry

jesse zapata says:

where is it runny from… dry ass yolk

Breakfast Recipes says:

i wish make this

Misty Hodge says:

yum yum yum

Colin Pater says:

all FOUR I tried to make sticked to the pan, how much oil I did in it didn’t had any effect, all eggs sticked to the bottom and not to the bread. Worst recipe ever

Timogin43 says:

Birds nest…..

Dilshan D says:

that looks nice

meh meh navarro says:

Hate the way he chews

Capn Caveman says:

Use the open side of a small mason jar, can, pint glass if you don’t have a cookie cutter!

Krome Illusion says:

I live in Florida USA, I am 43 and my Grand Mother use to make this for me when I was a young boy. She would use what we would call Texas toast (thick bread) and buttered. To this day I make it for my children, a dish that always takes me back to my youth. Melt the butter and wipe it on the bread after cutting the whole. This adds an amazing amount of flavor, depending on your choice of butter.

Fat panda says:

You stu

Aizan Naz says:

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Grace Taylor says:

I didn’t read all of the comments to see if any one else said this, but, in the States we call this a hole in the wall. Yummy Yummy!

Leonardo Auditore says:

I Had great sex last night.She is still sleeping and i’m thinking of surprising her with this breakfast.Should i do it???

侍武士 says:

I’m japanese!!! very good!!!!

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