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Fluffy Omelette written recipe:

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Eggs are a great way to get tons of iron and protein into your kids to start their day! Make them even more delicious and serve a fluffy cheese omelette!

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How to Make a Fluffy Omelette – Easy Breakfast Recipes – Weelicious

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Video by Mike Ervin
Music by Bethany Weber


DRlPZ says:

i tried this and ended up with a rubber tyre

Breakfast Recipes says:


Joann Mejia says:

hahhahah 🙂 🙂 🙂 like your videos 🙂 LOL 🙂

Ashlee Metcalfe says:

First time I’ve made a perfect omlette! Thanks so much

Tab Gaming says:

Thank you so much carry on the good work I’m a beginner keep doing these

Twenty øne dragons at the disco says:

Im 11 years old and made this for my mum we halfed it and it was amazing thanks so much 🙂

Reborn CutiePies says:

while I was cooking something scary happened is it normal for the under part of the part to go on fire and then not go on fire

Heather Nolan says:

Just made this. So yummy!

Vinson Li says:

Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only one that uses a wooden spatula.

Mujahid Arsh says:


Cheri Gould-Snowhite says:

using examples for my cooking class for our local caregivers so they can better care for our loved ones, seniors and special needs this was very helpful an looks yummy can I suggest you video closer into the pan so we can see each step as your are doing it? It will be helpful to our beginners Thank you

Tam O says:

water is not a new trick if u grew up poor.

Cassim Atchia says:

Thanks alot. I made my first omelette and it wasn’t really that bad.

Emily Sanford says:

can you please do another egg video

brimstone33 says:

That in fact is not a crepe pan you are using, a crepe pan does not have any sides at all, it is like a griddle. Though it is clear that you love that particular pan and I have no doubt you can make crepes in it.

AE Mysthics says:

doesnt use any oil?

Greninja Lets Play says:

Time to prepare for my mother’s birthday!

david martinez says:

wow I don’t know

Dániel Veres says:

Well, we basically did not see anything, but great.

Emily Sanford says:

ok i will i was wat hing your channel just now

breakfast recipes says:

good breakfast recipes

ElephantGirl03 Toth says:

aren’t you a judge on Guy’s Grocery Games?

jam biggest says:

I’m going to try your omelette style   (    :

cloakedcombat says:

i kept prodding mine and it turned into scrambled eggs

Sowmith Reddy says:

tried it and worked perfectly …..!!

Jalaj Saxena says:

you are sweet tooo

madhavan komal says:

I don’t know your omelet but you very beautiful

Art Girl says:

I’m A New Subscriber. I Love Omelette’s And This Recipe Was Just Amazing

Mujahid Arsh says:


Funny video says:

That egg omelette looked delicious I wish you were my mom

Emily Sanford says:

i cook your recipes for my little sister

Breakfast Recipes says:

cool one

Monkey Man 27B says:

Thanks for the recipe I’ve been cooking since I was seven but never learned the trick to perfect omelets and now that I’m 12 I’ve nailed it

Himanshu Patel says:

omelette is not at all looking good :[but taste is excellent:]

Michael Smith says:


Emily Sanford says:

i love your channel

Ann Ho says:

I’m a 13 year old and learning to cook. So easy love this

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