Healthy Sweet Potato Toast Breakfast Recipe | A Clean Eating Recipe

This easy + healthy Sweet Potato Toast is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. All gluten free with vegan options.

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lura garcia says:


Lim Gey Leng says:

Very good idea! Thank you!

Mackenzie Taylor says:

Looks delicious! And nice editing.

oana nechifor says:

I just had a great and delicious dinner. My options was guacamole and some beetroot on top. Loved it. Thank you!

Julie Kim says:

Love your top!!

Nees Argon says:

What a great idea. i must try this. Thank you.

fourrharts says:

why not just microwave the sweet potatoes? is there a texture advantage to toasting it?

Van Nguyen says:

It’s hard to choose.. I love all of them!!! But I will try the second one first. They are all my favorite ingredients in one combination. Thanks for the ideas!

Sass Cat says:

Wow! never would’ve thought to do this. Will be trying this.

Night Angel says:

They all look sooooooo good. I think I’d try the second toast first. Thanks for the video!

emmadawngarofalo says:

i do not rock back and forth

Nicie Williams says:

how long should I bake in the oven…I don’t have a toaster??!?

Elana Wentzell says:

Dani. I just took the spices from your spicy roasted sweet potato recipe mixed with the garlic dip and spread it on my sweet potato toast!!! Yummy!

2005SHERWIN says:

Love this idea. I’ll be trying all of them…

shopppguril says:

Does the sweet potato taste raw though?

Karen Cas says:

I wonder if this is truly good if you make a sandwich out of the potatoes. Using cheese, meats, tomatoes, etc.

Jacqueline M says:

I absolutely love your videos! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes with us. Of course everyone knows what foods are healthy and that we should eat them, but not everyone knows how to prepare them in a delicious way (me being one of those people). You truly inspire me to cook healthy food for myself and my family.

Heidi K says:

They all sound so good and healthy

VoNnE GiLiA says:

Thanks for sharing! This is my first time hearing of sweet potato toast! I think I will try the 1st for my Daughter and the 3rd for myself! Looks delish!

Dana Reynolds says:

I’m addicted to your YouTube videos – honestly haven’t seen even one I don’t like! So motivational, especially for a 53 year old trying to eat clean & lower carb/higher protein as I navigate major hormonal imbalances.

Catherine McFarland says:

Do you peel the sweet potatoes?

RaChelle Gardner says:

Thank you for all the clean and delicious food ideas!!! You are amazing! I’m gonna try this, this week!!

Hasel Bustamante says:

Can’t wait to try these!! Thank you Dani

Lolli Osbourne says:

This might sound super dumb but I told my bf that I wanted to make sweet potato toast and he said not to because I could electrocute myself. Could that happen?

Sarah Windmueller says:

The avocado toast is my kind of toast!!! Love avocados!!!!!!! I’ve never heard of using sweet potato as toast. Awesome ideas! Just love them!!!

Pati Clark says:

I like coconut oil with cinnamon/stevia mixture …. YUM !

Royal Scribe Comments says:

could you please show us your fitness routine.

Yuuki Lee says:

Hi! What if I don’t have that type of toaster?
Would microwave work? or toaster oven?

StillShiningTV says:

Taste buds are tingling right now. Gotta try this!

DR Hone says:

DANI, is the sweet potato still hard, or does it soften up like when you microwave them ?

Stephi Nguyen says:

So happy I saw this video! I challenged myself to a Paleo lifestyle in observance of Lent and two of these yummy ideas are paleo approved 🙂 Thanks!

Dee Liteful says:

Looks so yummy

BJ Ribeiro says:

Dani do the potatoes get soft enough? Sweet potatoes always take so long to bake in the oven. Thx

Ellie Bron says:

gonna try that avocado one… omg.. looks amazing.

melissa horbal says:

I want to try the avocado SP toast but I’d use Red Hot instead of red pepper flakes

Jennifer Arents says:

Do you think goat cheese would taste ok with blueberries and lemon zest instead?

Lilly Magnolia says:

Hi Dani. I love this idea as I’m trying to get the recommended amount of potassium each day in my diet. I tried making them but am having trouble cutting the slabs. Any further recommendations? It’s hard to keep them still on the cutting board and to get a straight slab. Thanks!

Amanda Elkins says:

I love this idea! I usually like avocado toast in the morning, but try to limit bread. Sweet Potato is a great alternative! I’ll be trying that in the morning! Thank you!

Andi Natural New Baby says:

Yum!! The avocado looks especially delicious. So do you eat the skin?

LEAF says:

Great idea to use sweet potatoes!

Ana Rodriguez says:

I’ll give it a try, it looks delicious 🙂 Thank you!!

emmadawngarofalo says:

what the fuck

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