Healthy Breakfast Recipe Ideas ~ Fall Edition!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas ~ Fall Edition!

its time to make some simple, easy, and healthy breakfast recipes for Fall! these recipes are perfect for school (you can make them in advance or the morning of if you have time!) I hope all the food inspires you to get cooking! 😉 xx Cambria Joy

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remember that YOU have the power to live a healthy life. choose to love your body and nourish it! I love you all so much, please never forget that your worth is not in your weight. ♥

enjoy these healthy recipes! xo Cambria Joy #CambriasKitchen


glam it up 56 says:

I loved this video! I loved how healthy you are! I need some yummy and healthy recipes!

maya harnett says:

what software do you use to edit? xxxx

Lais Rossafa says:

I love so much your ideas!!!! Here in my house we like all this kind of “natural food”, but sometimes i get exausted to eat all the same things, and your ideas really help me !!!! Thankssss and do more videos like these, they are my favorite !!! Love from BRAZIL

victoriakay917 says:

I’m already on your email list but couldn’t get the download 🙁

Crazy_girl869 says:

Cuz I dont have chia seeds

Ruby Joy Webster says:

Please Cambria you stand for health and loving your body and you inspire your young viewers to get away from disorderd eating.
Please pray/think about asking your supporters to sign this petition to get Eugenia Cooney off you tube until she stops pretending that being so underweight and literally starving herself to dealt his not a healthy happy way to live. Please look into it you have such a following they could tip it over to 15000 and you tube will have to do something. Like remove her proanorexia videos. Just please look into it

Thanks god bless, ps whatever u decide I love u and your videos they have helped me so so much in my recovery from anorexia. Xo

Paige Robertson says:

CAMBRIA!!! My local WalMart sells Quest now and I AM SO EXCITED

Julia Thomas says:

Just say chai… basically saying tea twice

Smiles says:

Hey Cambria! Please make a video about working out for people with scoliosis

Taylor Gordon says:

why havent you published a cookbook?!!

Priscilla Ramirez says:

Future nutritionist !

Re Re says:

Wow you look like a popular high school girl:)

Love Apples says:

Can you do a fall morning routine and book suggestions, I love your videos and they have really inspired me!! I love you

Lady Gaga says:

You are so beautiful❤️

Vanessa Hernandez says:

Hugs Cambria!

BethlovesGod says:


#Dat Lilly says:

you are my fav cambria

juliette glasenapp says:

The PDFs don’t upload and it only shows this summer back to school recipes

Amanda J says:

Your videos are always so lovely. Thank you.

mommyof3 says:

Mmmm, that smoothie, must make ASAP!

金蕾 says:

Could you please update the video more often? How about twice a week hahaha~love you~~

Katy K says:

The beginning was really nice!

Nani Banani says:

Looks so good!!! Really want to try this ❤️

Siobhan Grace says:

OMG I just found your channel you are amazing!!!! Can u do some videos YouTube and editing 🙂

Tiffany J says:

Great ideas! Cant wait to try them!

Are there any recipes for people who get up superrrr early like before 5, like a grab and go breakfast? Or breakfast I can make the night before to grab and go in the morning??

Kristen Morrow says:

What color is your nail polish? Love it!!

Aliya Martin says:

I did the chai smoothie don’t forget to steep the chai till it’s strong or it looses its flavor

Marilena Kav. says:

Nice recipies!
Cambria PLEASE make a video about binge eating and how you feel about it today because your videos are so so so helpful!!

Anna Willert says:

Could you maybe do a video on how I can start running. I’m really not that fit but I want to include it in my morning routine, but I don’t know how to start properly.

Lifelikeyourself x says:

Cambria, I’m lacking on my connection with God.. Could you please continue to make bible studie vids bc they inspire me so much.. Pss I love and adore you

Mary ! says:

You should do a video of healthy pumpkin spice anything!!!

hannahbanana98ful says:

Do you have a P.O. Box??

americangirl945 says:

All of these recipes looks so yummy! Our diets are almost the same, and I love it when Youtubers post clean, healthy food videos! Fall recipes are all so good, and I cannot wait to try these all out!

Debora Rosa says:

I’m from Brazil, I love your videos, you’re my favorite youtuber, thank you for everything you helped me . God bless you

Lauren Howell says:

Oh my gosh! The PDF is genius.

GrowingUpKiley says:

Thank you so much Cambria for all that you do! You have really motivated to work out!

Lauren Shababy says:

I’ve tried the waffles
twice. It never works like maybe you forgot to mention an ingredient or something? I followed the recipe exactly and always is like a thin layer stuck to my waffle iron but never a fluffy thick complete whole waffle

Crazy_girl869 says:

Would the first recipe be good as a smoothie if you added something else?

From Kendra, To You says:

Hey I just discovered your channel! You seem like a super positive, healthy person 🙂

Janika Kauppinen says:

Yay you’re almost @ 600k subs!

Anna Gibson says:

Your videos are so therapeutical and motivating! You’re amazing.

Georgie Bat says:

what’s the song at the start called?!

Brooke F says:

where’s your necklace from? love it!

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