Full English Breakfast Recipe – SORTED Eats Britain

We couldn’t resist doing this one as part of the Sorted Eats Britain series… after all… we’re English and that even appears in the title of this dish.

That said, we’ve given the breakfast a nod to Scotland too with some haggis and share how to cook the perfect full-English for a big crowd, so that everything is ready at the same time.

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Amalee Islam says:

I’m American and our breakfast is not like that

Andrew Krahn says:

For the curious, the font at the end is Gill Sans, which looks so ironically British because it was made by a student of the man who designed the original London Underground font, Johnston Sans.

GoranMak says:

I love ALL beans, but LOATHE tinned baked beans. HOWEVER – YOUR version looks awesome! THANKS!
Also – CANNOT STAND Bubble and Squeak. I call it Gag and Hurl. But YOUR version not only LOOKS elegant and pleasing, but prolly MUCH MORE tasty using FRESH cabbage and leeks (or any veg). Again – THANK YOU!

Raj K says:

complete wankers !!!!!!

Raj K says:

HAGGIS ????? you wankers….

Hammond19bc says:

scrap the haggis for black pudding and you got yourself a breakfast 🙂 oh, and a fride slice too

Nog311 says:

Where is the chips and toast

dale Simpson says:

This is a full Scottish ! A full English has black pudding not haggis

James Coleman says:

The whole point of a Full English is that it’s simple and not Scottish

Paul Greenwood says:

How could you guys forget the toast! Lol

OmnipotentO says:

I should visit the UK …

Sathish Balu says:

Shouldn’t have pierced the sausages. Lost the precious juices. And I would have preferred black pudding to haggis.

AlmightyStarfire says:

A full English isn’t subjective :s
Whether or not you like the components may be but the dish isn’t…

BIGG-LEFTY 75 says:


IrmaU94 says:

I prefer my eggs fried. I somehow hate the texture of scrambled eggs.

Damoskinos says:

Where did Haggis fit into a Full English Breakfast. Bin it

Taco says:

but i like skins on mushroom

bushyconn says:

Where is the toast??

Tamara Miller says:

this is basically what i grew up eating as a standard breakfast but with toast jelly also if you had scrambled eggs you ate it with ketchup and i grew up in west virginia in the states. looks yummy guys.

Chris Taylor says:

What is a haggas !!!!!!

kali vũ says:

Is that Ben’s herb garden?

XxBlazing DragonxXAJ says:

What’s the liquid in the beans?

Owen Dickinson says:

Toast !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??!??????????????????????????????

Ben P says:

I used to work at Weatherspoons in the kitchen. I microwaved less than that for their full English. Thought this was a cooking channel?


if you right click, you can look in the tab that appears for stats. Love it.

Fakename70 says:

Well done

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