Everything but the kitchen sink breakfast recipe…….Cleaning out my closet and BOOK recommends

I hope you enjoy and remember to “Gather up those fragments!” When you do that you will find your basket-sized blessings in your fragments!

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Items I use all the time:

I absolutely LOVE, LOVE my Norwex cleaning cloths you can get some too from Heather.
or email her at

These are the plastic deli containers you see in my freezer cooking videos

Here is my giant mixing bowl in my cooking videos

Here are the 8.5 inch stainless steel bread pans

Here is a link to my Pressure cooker that I use from Cosori

Here is the camera pack I use:

Tripod I use:

Camera case I use:

Our family’s favorite science adventure audio series:

FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES: plainandnotsoplain@gmail.com
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HaHa HELL says:

My brother got me hooked on this breakfast. It’s so filling and satisfying. Piece of toast with it, coffee and good to go

Tressa's Stay at Home Life says:

Dear Amy I don’t keep that much either but I do save some stuff. I am needing to also go through my closet and that shirt looks so good on you today! Thank you for sharing the books I will have to go back and write them down so I don’t forget. You always inspire me and I thank you so much! Have a great day!——————Tressa Daigle You are my favorite channel.

Joyce Pugh says:

I was looking forward to to seeing the doll house, but nice purging!

Cheryl Johnson says:

Surprised u keep the Dugger books

Kate O'Grady says:

I’d love to know how you lost your weight. You look great!

Rachel McVay says:

Have you tried a food chopper for chopping super tiny? Love my Pampered Chef one as it doesn’t turn the things to mush.

Beth Graves BethBeautyandMore says:

May I ask what kind of camera you are using to vlog with? I don’t always comment but I always watch your videos! hugs, xoxo

Mrs. M says:

Delicious looking meal! Just wondering if the potatoes were raw or/cooked when you diced them for the casserole. Hope you have a great day!

Nancy Whelan says:

I love to read and get books from the library but it’s very aggravating when the library is missing one of a series. Thanks for the organization motivation.


Do you save all the extra hangers for future use or pare those down too?

Michelle Diaz says:

Can’t wait to see Lauren wedding. She needs to make a video on organizing I’m having a hard time with my grandkids toys how to get rid of stuff if any suggestions please let me know.

Evelyn Hayward says:

I loved the way Maxine was standing at your feet while you were at the stove. I know she was praying something would fall out of the skillet. You are so lucky to live in the mountains. I absolutely love the Smokey’s. I just organized my closet and it wasn’t too bad. My problem is shoes. I am a shoe freak. I guess I just have to make up my mind and part with some of them. Sigh. Oh by the way, do you like any of the Judy Blume books for your children?

Clare Bear says:

When we are in the sorting swing my husband always says ‘If you think you need it you don’t so throw it out’. Also from yesterday’s video pizza cutters are great for cutting toasted/grilled sandwiches and pancakes.

Donna Symoniak says:

Hi Maxine!

Mary Reynolds says:

Have the girls read “Anne of Green Gables” yet?
Yes, you sure did do some purging!! Lol I need to go to goodwill more often. The goodwill I like best is out of town though. 🙁

Jackie Bender says:

Amy , I love books by Grace Livingston Hill great Christian writer.

HappyHomeHappyWife says:

Can you link where you got your large deep stainless steel rectangular pans? I have a big family and they seem very practical and useful. Ty for video…I loved watching and learning more about how you large family style cooking and cleaning/declutter. So blessed to have found your channel.

Alice Damsteegt says:

I really like your longer shirts over leggings but where do you find them without them being heavy? I would love to find something like that.


have you a really good spaghetti bolognese recipe I love your videos and I am sure yours would be amazing

Mr. Mister says:

You guys don’t follow gothard do you? I only ask because the Duggars support him and he has awful teachings.

Joyce Britt says:

Amy I don’t have a large family but Love watching you and yours! You share great recipes and I make them when all my Family are together! Plus cut back on size for just us. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us!

BeccaMay Carey says:

I had such a huge collection of cards and letters, like 50+ year’s worth. I scanned all of them and now I can view them on my computer and don’t have to store boxes of cards and letters! I scanned all my children’s cards and art work too – now they have a digital copy. Takes time but it’s worth it!

The Daily Dee says:

I love purging. It makes me feel energized.

DeeLynn Ratliff says:

Hi, Amy! Just wanted to say thank you for “gather up your fragments.” For the past few months, I have been adding new things to the cupboard and freezer and not gathering my fragments. Well, I finally did it and saved almost one hundred dollars on my grocery bill! Thanks for that reminder!

sandlappersue01 says:

“A Way in the Wilderness” is a favorite of mine as well. I have a few of the same books. I will definitely check out the others. Thanks! I do the exact same thing…buy at Goodwill, decided not to keep it and pass it on. Gotta love those dollar racks!

LaNina Wyatt says:

God bless you and your wonderful family

Yesica Resendiz says:

You should do a video on your skin care regimen. For having 10 kids you look gorgeous! We need some tips. Also where do you buy your shirts?

The Coca Life says:

I’m a mom of 3 I’ve been watching your videos for a while now and you definitely inspire me thanks for all the great recipes you definitely inspired to get me back into freezer cooking that’s for sure and I love freezer cooking if you don’t mind me asking what do you edit your videos with I have been having a hard time trying to find a great video editor and I love the way that you put your videos out thank you so much great video

Ivy blueberry's sister says:

Steven’s intro cracks me up every time lol so cute!

Amna Motiwala says:

U live in a beautiful place…

Christal Sipek says:

I was just cleaning my closet out this morning! Hope your having a great day!

Angela Palazzolo says:

Chopping ingredients small also makes a great salad that non salad lovers tend to like. Chop even the lettuce in small pieces. It totally changed the texture. Chopped salads are popular in the north right now.

rachel copas says:

So um Amy, first off hi. Second off you know i have to so ask cause you started it lol. Have you vetted your kiddos yet? Since they are barking and all? Something is wrong with that picture haha. You so know someone had to hound you about that. Why not me right? After all not many kids go around barking hahahaha. We had a mondo busy monday some how i over scheduled us for the same times different doctors but we managed it and of coarse it didnt help with my oldest calling saying i need a ride to columbus which was a hour away at the same time as my appointment and the kids doctor was 50 min behind. Our first appointment was 810 second 840 third 930 then 930 1015 he didnt come in until 855 we had to get three kids pushed through as fast as we could just so we could get to the other appointments on time and he only had his own fault cause we was his first second and third appointments of the day it was him that was messing around so much that made him late. But it was just plainly crazy. I did make a grocery list and guess what i managed to get three items off my list lol im getting better at getting items off my list haha i actually forgot my list at home. Til i went to the store again then i managed a few more. Go me lol. 6 whole items out of 50. But alot of healthy items so it was good. Its beautiful last few days except yesterday once i got groceries when loading the car it opened up and poured once home and got into the house it stopped of coarse thats how it works its fine i didnt unload the car i had all the lil guys come out to unload lol.

Mary Reynolds says:

Hey, I’ve been meaning to ask you.. where do you get your longer tops that go with your leggings? So hard for me to find them.

Shelia Watkins says:

If you don’t mind me asking how did you lose the weight?

Rashda Mahmood says:

Hi. Hope you’re well. Love your videos. Could you recommend some reading books for grade 1 and 3 please.

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