EASY VEGAN RECIPES | breakfast, lunch, dinner

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*note: the nutritional yeast used in this video is vegetarian, not vegan, but Thrive Market sells a vegan version it was just sold out!

original breakfast recipe:

original lunch recipe:

original dinner recipe:


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J Bede says:

loved this video!!

Laura Elise says:

Love the perfect little dollop of mayo on the spoon!

Sparkler Maij says:

hey, i was wondering about bi polar disorder, ik about manic and depressive episodes but are there maybe neutral episodes were the person just feels kinda blah or would that be with depressive?

Kayla Thomason says:

The ramen looks delicious!

Roger Pe says:

Hey! I’m wondering: which dye do you use for your hair? I’m in loooove with its colour. Could you help me to get the same result? Byeee

x Lillie x says:

i love this! I was actually just researching vegan recepies, but this is perfect!

tigerpunk says:

so many curbs if eat that in a day i ll gain half a kilo at least, vegan doesn t work for me because I eat low carb ( so no bread, potatoes etc, I eat them twice a week at most) :/

Alicia Provan says:

Yes I loved this!

Julia says:

videos like this are so helpful for me because I will be living on my own (as of tomorrow I will be moved into my new place) and I want to eat delicious vegan food

Gabriella The Leo says:

As I sat down to watch this video, I ate a mashed chickpea sandwich w apple chunks!!! So so simple and I use the vegan mayo from Trader Joe’s! I feel like we’re on the same wavelength.

YetiZizzle says:

unrelated but haven’t you said you have thin enamel before? if so how do you keep your teeth so white?!

Joy Lee says:


Susana Barrientos says:

your hair looks beautiful!

Kennedy Aalo says:

my vegan heart is so happy about this video, I’m definitely making french toast for breakfast on saturday

Jennifer D. says:

I’m gonna try the ramen omgggggg it looked amazing!

Lou Auran says:

I’m so inspired to make my own ramen now! I feel like I stick too much to my little collection of recipes too 😀

Orlaith Meehan says:

link for thrive doesn’t work or it shut down

sleepingxrose says:

hey Sarah,
on a totally unrelated note :p how did you do with your 30 day challenge thing with job application? I though you would do update videos on that.

Sarah W says:

yum the bread, gaaaaah

elizabeth luevano says:

these all look bomb

Moonberries Rainandstars says:

Red hair suits you.

TheAngelCymone says:

You should check out Sarah’s vegan kitchen on YouTube I LOVE her videos. She has some really bomb recipes too. Some are very simple and some more complex for all types 🙂 also hotforfood is a good vegan YouTube channel I love also

menellix blue says:

loved this video!!

Gabi Rodriguez says:

YOUR HAIR LOOKS AMAZING. Okay, also I like these recipes but YOUR HAIR.

Sarah W says:

I need to add more veggies to my diet. these look yuuuum.

Leeanne O'Donnell says:

i need to move to the US to get good shit like thrive tbh

aiwxo says:

I’d totally use thrive market if I was in the U.S!
Edit: the link doesn’t work?

jessleo says:

*patiently waits for Thrive in the UK*

The Space Possum says:

great. more like this, gonna try the ramen recipe. I made vegan thai green curry for lunch and it’s sooooo yummy.

Jade 1399 says:

you looks so beautiful 😮

missadrienna says:

Guuuuuurl I’m loving this hair

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