Easy Breakfast Recipe – How to Make French Toast

It’s easy to cook golden, fluffy, perfect French toast. The secret to this classic breakfast recipe is easy to remember. For every two slices of bread, stir together one egg, a fourth cup of milk, and half a tablespoon of sugar. The bread matters, too. Challah bread has a sweet flavor, so it’s a great choice for using in French toast. First, beat together your egg, milk, and sugar. Dip the bread slices in the mixture, hold for ten seconds, and then repeat on the other side. Next, heat butter on a skillet under medium heat and add your soaked bread slices to cook for two to three minutes per side until golden. When it’s done, the bread will swell for delicious, buttery French toast.

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Emily Lin says:

Yours is the best out of all of the French toast videos!! Continue on these awesome video!!

Munis Ali says:

I see that everywhere

Alex Atkind says:

Great tips!

Crystal Daniels says:

I used french bread, the same milk and egg portions, added nutmeg, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Turned out phenomenal!

Celene Flores says:

I’ve never tasted it!! but I will make some hope it comes out yummy (:

Keyuana Carroll says:

Can you use vanilla

Sleep While do crazy says:

thank you wow very nice taste

Onur Çağan says:

Thanks you made my day !

Laura Roth says:

Can I high five my dog if i dont have any friends?

Poop John says:

I suggest plain milk but yes 🙂

Roanne Awada says:

it’s esey to make? thx so much

daniel quiroz says:

Grate my kids love it

TheKnowlege33 says:

1 or 3 scoops of yr favourite ice cream, icing for dusting & warmed sauce of yr liking mmmmmm ★

Bolasiee ROBLOX says:

Started a fire in my stove you owe me

Dr m says:

I love French toast when I go to the states thats all I have for breafast

Ley Ley says:

try rwplacing the milk and sugar with condensed milk. 😀 tastes a lot better. trust me 🙂

Polite Pear says:


Dapeng Zhou says:

OMG it tastes so good thanks for the recipe!

Keonealoha Fatiaki says:

Hug ur mom!? Lol

Jerry Maldonado says:

i could not do it

Lauren Schaller says:

she forgi t adding cinnamon and vanilla extract

Three Finger says:

Why not replace everything with freedom and guns? Cuz ‘Murica

Melanie Gomez says:

Only reason why it doesnt taste good is because you’re not supposed to add sugar. Its egg, cinnamon, milk and vanilla estract (if you have)

nosipho mhlongo says:

wht is the white thing in the pan and this one is fake u do not put it on one side u put it on both sides

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