Crispy & Creamy Yogurt Sandwich / Curd Sandwich by madhurasrecipe / Quick Breakfast Recipe

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Shalu Kumari says:

Waaw Madhura Ji

Namita Masalia says:

quick n yummy receipe thanks Madhura.

Deleted Account says:

What’s the background noise

Arti Pharande says:

Quick and easy recipe..:)

Pavithra mayilvaganan says:

its innovative

Geeta Parmar says:

मेम् मेयोनीज को स्टोर कैसे करते है हम फ्रीज़ मैं रखते है तो भी ख़राब हो जाता है

Prakash Lunwara says:

So nice, can I use a cheese also on it,

Karuna Shetty says:

Looks very yummy…

corduroy99 says:

This is so easy, and can even be easily tweaked to be healthy (i.e. no butter) plus, it looks yummy AF. THank you Madhura for another winning recipe!

Arpita Aparajita says:

Hi Madhura
Lovely recipe….why don’t you do a kitchen tour….your kitchen is so beautiful

aluru subbarao says:

good luck Tq. aluru lic

Paula Campos says:

This looks like american grilled cheese with veggies, I’ll have to try it.

Princess Sheema says:

Nice recipe.. M big fan n follower of ur recipes.. Wil try inshala

Pranav Nambiar says:

what are those mixed herbs?

Arti Pharande says:

i was looking for the same recipe on youtube and you just uploaded it..thank u

Yvonne Rana says:

you have add some mixture in yogurt sanwitch mixture beside other dry spices
could u tell me what mixture that was

Heghineh Cooking Show says:

Yummm ❤️

Manel Gamadone says:

wonderful recipe Madura for breakfast. Thanks

Caroline De Meyer says:

Hello!! What spices are in the “mixed herbs” please?

Aayush Roy says:

I will definitely try this ma’am. Ur black forest cake recipe turned out perfect. Thanks a lot ma’am

Nosheen Arif says:

looks very yummy sandwiches
thanks Madura.

jagan singh says:

mam can we use cream in place of yogut???????

sheetal durgad says:

nice one… ur back to India?

Arifa Faisal says:

are you vegetarian please reply

sha ten ten says:

nice madhura

Pranav Nambiar says:

are those oregano seasoning

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