Classic Breakfast: Perfect Eggs & Potato Hash Recipe!

Here’s a classic, all-American, ‘diner’-style breakfast: sunny-side-up eggs and a delicious potato hash.

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Victoria Garley says:

why yu talk too fast i can’t understand what yu sayin yo

tony perez says:

Good video girl…. looks great!  Can you make me a side of  pancakes with that? lol

Abusayeed Haque says:

Adding some beacon will make it super delicious.

Noah Woodworth says:

this is extremely unhealthy

DeAndre Noel says:

Brothers green eat >> this channel

Ling Narzihary says:

what is the song

Lachan Cryer says:

omg wow that looks so gd u got me hungry now an homefries has always been my favorite since i could remember lollll ima bout to Go an make this same dish rite now later utube friends

Kazen Ong says:

Oo yeah! Let’s start

Roshaa 55 says:

Made this yummy!

delilah8411 says:

i made this and it was yummy


I cook my eggs till the yolks are solid

Maria Lupe Melendez says:

Recipes look good but too fast to do!

Simon Short says:

you are cute ,I’m single are you?

Mehmood Khan says:

I Like It..



They_call_me_crybaby _whats_your_name says:

I made this and it’s delicious.

Arline Don says:

the stove is kinda dirty

Arline Don says:

what kind of music is that btw

Hussain Nubeebukus says:

Thanks…..very nice and simple and of course healthy

SwedenGamersable says:

ooooh…. thats why americans are soo fat

Phen Canalita says:

ginisang patatas na may giniling haahahaha

Mr. Savage says:

You talk pretty damn fast

Malik Afzaal says:

seems delicious

Lucksh Y says:

omg…that look so tasty…

ChangeStarts WithMe says:

Looks yummy. But I like my eggs over medium.

kuwarikutti says:

so yummy

Phen Canalita says:

its just a simple food hahaha ..

Greencack Johnson says:

Yes, nothing says “working class” like a cooking video on youtube full of hipsters.

Jay singh says:

Dog loves it too

Mayafaith Galicia says:

Im working in Dubai and dunno what to eat as most of food here frozen.

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