Broke College Recipes – Easy Breakfast For A Week

This week we try a breakfast recipe, one that you can make in one night, and eat for the whole week.


1) Cook bacon and hash browns on stove or griddle
(cook hash browns in bacon grease)

2) Crack eggs into muffin pan and mix until scrambled

3) Add bacon hash browns and cheese then mix together

4) Bake in oven at 375 degrees for 14 minutes


Kathryn Logel says:

lol your horseshoe is hung up the wrong way…..

focus thought says:

Please clean the outside of your stove. Your cooking, time-saving tips are great! However, clean your kitchen

Karley Henson says:

That looks amazing but I can’t eat eggs

Carol Thomas says:

“Someone random in your bed”? What’s wrong with these people?

Septic Society says:

Get on with the fucking recipe dude, FFS. Shit.

Air Recipes says:

Thank you! i will try to make this.

StruckOne says:

Umm hashbrowns was in the very first recepie so yeah your tripping

Ecstatically Mee says:

I just don’t like this kid. Like at all. Like there’s nothing about it that is even ok. Y TF am I watching this?

Rosie Stevens says:

Hey do you mean Fahrenheit or Celsius? I’m presuming Celsius for now 🙂

Linda Hayes says:

Haha hahaha that’s so funny.

kissinXirony247 says:

why didn’t you use the hash browns?

officeaddict33 says:

It would help if you maybe cut one open and showed a close up of it.

SarahSubey says:

This isn’t that helpful for most college students in dorms. We didn’t have a stove or an oven, and what college kid has muffin tins? I didn’t have the money or space for those kinds of cooking utensils.

kbs1212 says:

crack an egg into your muffin hole.

shaquinho8 says:

i eat oatmeal peanutbutter banana and eggs for breakfast for about 1$ a day

manfred rodrigues says:

That wouldn’t even last for a day bro

Khamomil says:

This way you can kick out in no time flat the person you had sex with the night before. “Here’s your breakfast, now get out!” Win-win!

0157 jo says:

2.03 I knew it you were gonna pinch some bacon!

George Costanza says:

In Australia we call these bobberino’s and if you add chili then they are called habberino’s.
I hope you get a good education learning to play xbox or critique South Park episodes. Now you’re in big debt.

79Sarwar says:

Wow! You guys have 6 day weeks in the states??

Mazzza3 says:

yo i just made 9 of these with 4 eggs and 150 ml of milk with cheese and bacon and they turned out amazing!! thanks heaps dude!

79Sarwar says:

What can I substitute instead of bacon?
I can’t eat bacon because I’m a Christian.

brewmaster0507 says:

I premake and freeze French toast. im adding this with it. one of these and a slice or two of f.toast. yummy

missthunderstormable says:

unhealthy and lots of work, isnt it better to just have some cereals with fresh fruit in the mornings lol, or boiled eggs and bread and butter milk.

Eddy Kado says:

Maruchan Ramen noodles – enough said, no time, no mess, no waste.

Carlos Mota says:

didnt add the hash

Elena Garcia says:

Oh man i use to do the same thing. Except I used bisquick and banana slices in the cupcake pan

doush Jaedou says:

I love it..keep cooking

Pleadship says:

Would it be better to use baking bits but ur idea works too

cavtj1 says:

He said muffin hole!

Active says:

Or you could just make scrambled eggs and bacon like a normal person

Rayleen G says:

dude, clean your fuckin kitchen!! gross!!

Cory Redding says:

Come on… Seasoning…. A little bit of salt, A little bit of pepper, a much more enjoyable meal.

Luiz Sena says:

What happened with the hash browns?

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