BREAKFAST RECIPE Eggs & Bacon & all things nice! How to cook

My recipes:
How to make a simple recipe that you can enjoy over the week. I deal for breakfast or as a snack or perfect for a bbq(barbecue)!
Simple and quick to prepare. Very easy to follow video recipe showing you simple step by step instructions throughout. All the ingredients are shown at the beginning but you can alter the recipe to suit your taste or to use up those leftovers.
I hope you enjoy!
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J Amundsen says:

Looks delicious. Great for when you have people over. Does seem like you need to get up early if you want to have it for breakfast though.

Ricky Roma says:

using a smaller amount could you fry this if your in a hurry?

Tommy TeaPot says:

the bacon is black mate.

Big Reggie says:

if you can get ahold of duck eggs you should make a casserole like this with them they are so creamy and Rich compared to chicken eggs. I’m lucky because I own a horse ranch and have free-range black Swedish ducks and I get about a dozen fresh eggs a day 🙂 great Channel and great videos. cheers from Las Vegas!

prayerwarrior1995 says:

Does this freeze well?

A.James Reilly says:

sorry but that bacon does not look edible. it’s basically charcol.

Healthy Recipe Channel says:

Perfect idea too use the odds and ends in the fridge. Thumbs up.

Andrew Jackson says:

It’s a cross between a frittata, quiche and a savory bread pudding, great idea chef, gonna hafta try this.

Maverick Baking says:

Looks yummy! Love your huge collection of little bowls at the start btw haha!

swanny114 says:

Would love a face reveal

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