Breakfast Potato Recipe Share if you Like!!

How to make breakfast potatoes

4 small russet potatoes diced
2 golden or yellow potatoes diced
1 large onion diced
1 large garlic clove minced
4 chives thinly sliced
2 pieces of thick cut bacon cut in half

cook the bacon on med heat in a large cast iron pan or heavy bottom non stick pan until crispy. remove the bacon and cut into small pieces.
Add the potatoes to the pan and cook until starting to become translucent then add the onion and the garlic and cook till translucent. add the bacon salt and pepper to taste and cook to light golden brown. add the chives and serve. Enjoy!! Please share if you like. Also feel free to leave me a comment on what you thought or suggestions on improving the recipe or video. Thank you!


jeffrey rhodes says:

best breakfast potato recipe video iv seen!!!

Debbie Bunny says:

Leave out the bacon and bacon fat, and this would be healthy! Cook in a little water instead of animal fat.

Broncos 4ever says:

How do you make it soft on the inside and crispy on the outside

peterboy sonicat says:

Hey Shawn! I bet there’s no one watching this video that does’t like onions. I’ll bet there’s no one watching any of these food videos who doesn’t like onions. Just don’t throw Brussels Sprouts into the mix.!! 🙂

kamiko70 says:

i hate to tell you, but as someone who doesnt like onions, i know when they are in the food. i also dont like it when people try to force me to eat a food that i dont like, and i wont go back to the home of the person who does it. my mother in-love knows i wont eat onions, so when i visit on vacation, she cooks foods that do not have them. i was lucky that her mother did not like them either.

Kayvivir says:

I’m making this for breakfast now! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

pete fudge says:

Try adding corned beef and you have corned beef hash

Shawn Phillips says:

So I see a lot of post saying these are not hashbrowns. I tend to disagree and this could be a regional thing but hashbrowns can either be shredded like paddies or like McDonalds or cubed like in this video. This is my version but this could be made hundreds of ways and this is only one. You can play with temperature, fats (i.e. oils, lard or in my case bacon grease), the potatoes themselves, adding meat, adding cheese, changing the herbs from green onions to chives to adding herbs like cilantro or parsley. You could add spices to it. You could sous vide first or change the temperature. You could use a smoke gun to add a smoky flavor. you could add gravy. The point is there are a variety of methods.

Lady Johnson says:

Just perfect! Thank you for well laid out instructions.

cfonde says:

Put some gravy on dat som bitch!

art kutz says:

One more thing, i just very lightly coat pan with oil, you wiil be much happier with the results.

thaiprincess1000 says:

Yes!! Yummy thank you :)!!!

Rand U says:

Hmmmm; I liike the idea of adding some bacon; I’ll give it a try this afternoon; thanks!

kawaii pikachue says:

I make it another kind just watching thid for insparation

Joseph Hernandez says:

How high is the heat when you add the potatoes?

Susan Alexander says:

what the hell is up with all you pig eating folks.

Toeknee Castillo says:

did you soak the potatoes in water prior to cooking them, was just wondering if i needed to do that

britanny gutierrez says:

This didnt help me learn how to prepare the potatoes at all i wanted to learn how to cut them smh

Thania Lemus says:

I really enjoyed the length of the video since I dont do much cooking, it helps to see how everything was done! Gonna try this today!

Sifat Afreen says:

hello thanks for the video, we can’t eat anything related of pork what can i use instead of bacon?thank you in advance

Matt Smith says:

Bacon? Cancer*

Josh EverHard says:

You need 4 garlic gloves, take off parasitic from your belly.

meteacher100 says:


kamille seven says:

Thank you so much. I just did a remix of your recipe for my family ( I have some who don’t like onions ) and they loved it. You made this so simple, but it’s yummy.

Brian O says:

Thanks for the tip and how to dice an onion!

Aselitha84 says:

Man….that ain’t breakfast, that’s fucking dinner or something, ha.ha.ha

Squek Squek says:

thats greasy af i wouldn’t like it at all

FurryCurry says:

do I need to add onions? I don’t really like onions, but my dad adds onion powder or minced dried onions that u can buy at giant.

art kutz says:

i would not ever use olive oil, a dash of garlic powder could be used instead of a clove

Maria Orchihon says:

look like interesting….tomorrow I will gonna be try:)

Day with Ousumi says:

Great recipe !!! Most try it

John Beni says:

Wow potatoes and onions where I’m the world did you come up with that one ? Must be about the texture I’ll try it

John v says:

Like you said just a way to start and add things as you might want Like i was thinking of adding Green peppers cut up


I have used Red Potatoes for my Home Fries for years & They work great also At times I have made them with mixed of different types of Potatoes & all turned out great also Thanks for sharing your recipe etc.

INTERTAINMENT and cooking says:

i really like it and i m going to try at may home

Apocrylix says:

I’ll do this with cheese thanks!

Kvsrao Lalitha says:


Sean Bryant says:

Man if you move this slow….. no one in your family is eating breakfast…

art kutz says:

I bake a pound of bacon in the oven lightly crisp and chop to be added later with the onions as the potatoes begin to brown. All those tools i replace with my chefs’ knife it’s much faster than dirtying every tool in the kitchen.

426 SUPER BEE says:

There called > HOME FRIES

Carolina Gonçalves says:

that’ s very good.You may eat when ever you want.

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