Breakfast Muffin Recipe

Need a delicious way to start your day? We reckon our muffins are peeeerfect! Moist, tasty and packed full of great ingredients, these easy to make muffins are a great grab and go breakfast option.

Get the recipe here:

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erin ford says:

is there a way to alter this to use gluten free flour instead??

latanya B says:

Do anybody know what happened with the whole Gordon Ramsay?

Lorysa Rossnagel says:

Do a week on low carb/ ketogenic diet!

lina reyes says:

looks delicious!maybe i should try makin that.

Ivan Leong says:


Hope Cox says:

I replace cranberries with chopped dates to increase moisture and add a stickyness to the texture!

averney says:

So why are we calling them muffins? I thought they were fairy cakes or maybe cup cakes. Muffins are nothing like these.

Angélica Ravelo says:

Can I cook these in a microwave? 🙁

CJVids says:

the breakfast bars we make in our house include apricots. we use honey or treacle to kep it together-which is best?

Flowerqueen 32 says:

Can I use almond flour? #sortedfood

Seattle Dessert Geek says:

Muffins need to make a comeback already! Though I admit I’d just make these along with a huge tub of cream cheese frosting. I regret nothing.

kittenstar69 says:

Can’t wait to make these

JoeisCooking says:

Sounds really tasty, but I’s switch out the whole wheat flour for white flour.

TheMindofaGenius1 says:

Can I use normal milk instead of coconut milk? Is it a must I mean?

Nonsensical Mecha says:

What could you replace the pineapple with?

이스테이시 says:

I want cakes

MegaQuiz123 says:


Mat Web says:

Where’s the Bacon? 🙁

Meghan Roig says:

So I see people peel carrots super often, but why? What difference does it end up making? I usually just eat carrots or chop carrots without peeling.

Cherry Prior says:

Would love to give these a try but I’m allergic to pineapple.. what can I use instead?

Molly Mayor says:

No ,I am a 48 yr old woman .i have no desire to change anyone nor do I beleive that all prisoners are worth redeeming I am talking about this person just him . I don’t want to change the world or fix anything it is simply my,opinion and I don’t recal asking anyone for theirs

ChelseaJeanBentley says:

Could you swap the coconut oil for olive oil or vege?

Taylor Gillespie says:

how could i replace the eggs?

runawayfae says:

I bet the boys all think it’s bizarrely hilarious that so many people have massive crushes on Ben… But how does Ben feel about it?

Matt Fry says:

Is there anything that could be used as a substitute for the eggs?

Sonia Lee says:

could we use all pineapple and no egg??

CiderDivider says:

Does that Kenwood mixer really have a “K” brand on it’s mixing piece? LMAO Love it

rinimac says:

Any chance you guys would tackle an eve’s pudding?  Apple, custard and sponge – would make a great microwave mug cake I reckon!

Tzisorey Tigerwuf says:

“Breakfast muffins can be full of bad stuff” Yes, like bacon, breakfast sausage, a fried egg, cheese, and tomato relish 😉

katie onbeat says:

i’ve made something similar from a pinterest recipe and they were quite good for a quick pick me up in the morning

Pranesh Karthic says:

Can you guys add an update if Gordon Ramsey replied to your Pasta desert dinner?

Gabe Reznick says:

Can we use veggie oil instead of coconut oil, allergic to coconuts

leadmixer says:

*Demerara But this is a lovely recipe

Marie-Louise Johansson says:

How much is “not a lot of sugar”? I’ve come to the colclusion that that’s subjective.. Cuz that’s way too much for me to start the day with. :/
I got some really nice ones I make with almond flour (no starchy flour), erytriol, bluberries and rasberries. That’s it for the sweet stuff! (But then of course there’s more stuff to make it into a dough).

Jordan Hewitt says:

Ben, could you swap the coconut oil for coconut or almond milk?

Alex Longstaff says:

Do a grab and go week

Amal Yusli says:

I read the thumbnail as mourning muffins I’m not sure why

Katie Shead says:

lol, morning glory is a massive weed in Australia, it was the first thing I thought of when I saw the title and spent the whole video waiting for you to add the flowers for presentation or something 😀

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