Best Breakfast Recipe in the World, Home Made!

Perfect Breakfast!
Best Shakshuka Recipe in the World, Home Made!
Shakshuka (Arabic: شكشوكة‎; Hebrew: שקשוקה‎) (also Shakshouka Chakchouka) is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, onions, often spiced with cumin.
It is believed to have a Tunisian origin.
Shakshuka is a staple of Tunisian, Libyan, Algerian, and Moroccan cuisines traditionally served up in a cast iron pan with bread to mop up the sauce. It is also popular in Israel, where it was introduced by Tunisian Jews.
Shakshuka is Israel’s hottest breakfast dish
this is the best way to prepare shakshuka, the spicy, warming, vegetable and egg dish that is a regular part of the Israeli diet and is usually served as a cooked breakfast or a light lunch.
The mix of tomato, garlic, herbs and spices, traditionally topped with sunny side up egg, is reputedly a fine hangover cure.
Israelis argue that only the version prepared over the years by their mothers or grandmothers can be described as truly authentic.
Regardless, most other Middle Eastern people will argue the same.
This Shakshuka / Shakshouka Recipe is exactly how it should be done!

To learn more about shakshuka click this link:

I was looking for the Best Breakfast In America when I stumbled on
“Perfect Scrambled Eggs Breakfast”
That took me back memory lane 23 years, and I remembered this traditional Israeli Breakfast.
So after a little practice, it all got back to me, kind of like riding a bike…
This video shows how to make The Best Breakfast in the World, Ever!
If you want to have the perfect breakfast, go ahead and try.
And you don’t have to be of a Middle East background to love it 🙂

שַׁקְשׁוּקָה היא מאכל העשוי מביצה המבושלת על אש קטנה עם עגבניות, בצל ופלפלים.
בגרסה המסורתית והמקובלת, המוגשת במסעדות פועלים רבות, חלמון הביצה נותר בשלמותו בתבשיל, בדומה לביצת עין.
גרסה שונה היא זו בה החלמונים מעורבבים בחלבונים, כמו בביצה מקושקשת.
פירוש השם בשפה הברברית הוא “תערובת”.
במרוקאית נקראת השקשוקה “צ’קצ’וקה”, ובשפות אחרות “תוקתוקה”.
לא ידוע כיצד השתרשה בישראל המילה שקשוקה.
מאכל זה הובא לישראל על ידי העולים החדשים מצפון אפריקה: ממרוקו, מתוניסיה, מאלג’יריה, מלוב ומחצי האי ערב.
בסיס המאכל קבוע: עגבניות, שמן זית וביצים.
המתכון בסרטון זה מראה איך לעשות שקשוקה בגרסא ביתית.
לעניות דעתי ככה עושים את השקשוקה הכי טעימה בעולם.

ללמוד עוד על מקור השקשוקה וטיפים נוספים:


James Day says:

I’m gonna make it. the man gave the recipe. looks delis.

Dmaher1111 says:

mmm put red kidney beans and cumin in it with the tomatoes.

chicken nuggets says:

why don’t u put it on a fackin plate u idiot.. it must be not cooked really well on the bottom ha!

alphb58 says:

That looks very yummy & very healthy too!

Arthur Bradley says:

Take both ends off the tomato paste. Comes right out.

Cranford Ducain says:

This looks a lot like we fed to our hogs when I was a kid. The best breakfast you can ever eat is … scrambled eggs, sausage. biscuits, and grits. Wash this down with a couple of cups of coffee and you are set for the day. I also have a deep fondness for a couple of fresh biscuits covered with sausage gravy and a cup of coffee. I don’t much care how you fix ‘um, potatoes are for dinner, and tomatoes go into a salad with the rest of the rabbit food.

gary webb says:

BAM!!! Kick it up a notch.

DragonAurora says:

Damn that looks good

annaroseannadanna says:

Looks really good but man…the onions. That’s a lotta onion. And all that pepper…I’d be shittin’ fire for a week. Good job though, excellent video and it didn’t drag on for what seemed like forever. Excellent command of the English language too, I’m impressed. Looking forward to seeing more of your vids.

EAT ME says:

Where’s the Meat????

Bucur Ilie says:

Rami, just because you come here and have all this food available, you can use it all,  just for breakfast. how about your neighbors? What do they thing about the smell of all that onion cooked, for breakfast? Get a life, cook your breakfast, be happy,
but leave us alone. who wants to cook that much in the morning?

fall22123 says:

Looks good. When you make a video like this, plate a serving at the end. If you really want to go the distance, take a bite too. Make sure you get a little of everything in the bite.

Rabbit Rodriguez says:

thanks for the recipe i bet it smells amazing!

Socialist Hater says:

looks great will maybe try it mmnnn

James Durstine says:


Ace G says:

I also like my eggs with fresh ketchup. lol.

QMC Ret. says:

I’ll pass. Not much for tomato, especially a couple of inches of them.

Judge Gently says:

U lost me at tomatoes for breakfast. That might make a good lunch though.

Michael skoufatos says:

This looks awesome. I am not a huge onion fan. Is there something I can use in its place?

Aya Benali Vlogs says:

I know this

Digweed Schlong says:

Is that what you eat before you go fuck your camel?

842qwery says:

That’s another version of Huevos Rancheros without the tortilla. Nice low carb recipe if you skip the tortilla/ bread. I would add bacon or sausage. Thank you Mr. Mor…

L. J.P. says:

If your East,or West Indian I guess, even mexican.,.most of us don’t like hot spices unless you have no taste buds,.But that in the a.m. wow,.!!

Marion Roark says:

I just saw this, and it looks incredible 🙂

campdude66 says:

Needs bacon.

tukulet says:

I’ll go with menemen!

havocmaster69 says:

7 eggs over a skillet full of Chili

Sunny Honey says:

that looks nasty

David Morrison says:

I would add chorizo

Mary Clay says:

that’s a way to many onions dang

Blake Tibbetts says:

Only bacon needed now!

Kal El says:

The best breakfast of the world ??? Lmao
Onion tomato and eggs!
You should be began!!!

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