5 Egg Recipes For Breakfast Lovers

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James Misplaced says:

Good video, would have been great with talking instead of music. Seems like most people like having talking in their films ever since silent films went out of fashion.

Goat Bois says:

Can you make a video on fast breakfast recipes?

HacFac says:

Easy way to make Scrambled eggs


Sweet Jones says:

beautifully therapeutic

Laxmi Chauhan says:

It should be 5 breakfast recipes for egg lovers

Winston Smith says:

Male chicks are ground up alive, so we can eat eggs

_Bitch_Cake_ ** says:

Let’s see..

Milk first than ceral.
Ceral first than Milk last?

Scrambled eggs?
Sunny side up?



Wake up to late for breakfast?
Just on time for breakfast?

BTW says:

wow so heavy… westerners’ breakfast

Liza M says:

I live of eggs, bread and cheese

Nina Zhu says:

How many people actually make this while watching the video?

Shakarus Sanders says:

I love eggs so much!

Rosanne Fonseca says:

U kill me with ur recipes.

Aouzayr Mohamed says:

My recipe :
– 2 eggs
– red green and yellow peppers ( chopped )
– spices
And for the sides :
– 1 potato
Chop the potato in circle shapes
– fry in sunflower oil
– add seasoning

Madara Uchiha says:

why is there always a little kid helping

Carol Sorola says:

That bacon looks soooo good lol I haven’t ate bacon in almost 2 years

Sreeparna Saha says:

good breakfast

Suparna Chakraborty says:

Its crazy

លាង គីមហង់ says:

Can you do pizze

jessica carter says:

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Michael Grove says:

>discards bacon fat and substitutes for cooking oil… you stupid?

The Weird Artist says:

*Oh Yes*

Asma Khambati says:

Yumm soooo tasty

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