What Healthy Asian Meals I Eat (NO SALADS) To Lose Weight & Get Back On Track

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Taylor Smith says:

All I can think about is how that dog looks like Bob Ross

Good Morning Kelyrin - vidéos says:

Just discovered this video via a YouTube suggestion. MUST BE the cutest couple ever * . * <3 <3 <3 <3 !!!!

Yin Yin Wong says:

Can u do vids of your dad’s healthy home cooked cantonese meals?

marco luciano says:

Can u do an English version

Chacha says:

mmm so based on my health lecture, you lose weight when you eat less than the calories you burn…but after watching this video…I learned to just eat. LOL

Kajujuu says:

Great video. Is that all the exercise you do? I know burpees are intense but you can do them anywhere, why do you go to the gym?

death incarnate says:

what kind of doggo is that

Bella W. says:

Loved this! Could you film more of these??

Kamyan Chan says:

Hello Emi! Where do you buy tempeh in hk???

Asianna says:

Hey Emi do they sell the ingredients on taobao? I live in mainland China because I’m studying abroad but I am lactose and tolerant and cannot find any subs for milk at all:(

Adelaide Zou says:

aw this makes me homesick

Crystal Kiew says:

I’m going hk next month & am from Singapore. I’ve been a big fan of you, would you be doing any fans meet up, or even host a workout session? I would love to come by & join in! If not, I would love to meet you to pass your dog Singapore Treats! ❤️

Ron Lambert says:

damn shes hot.

Sophia Yu says:


Adelaide Zou says:

i love this because it’s literally just what chinese families eat LOL and it’s already quite healthy it’s not about trying so hard

prankzter starr says:

is he part gwai lo?

Yaamin Mohmmed says:

You pour milk before your cereal NO

siew rong says:

羡慕你的身材哈哈哈 from malaysia~

tammy yang says:

Emi 、Chad很常旅行,能不能錄一集如何打包行李或是小技巧PK影片呢~

lindy tan says:

can I check where did you make your glasses from? 🙂 thank you! btw you are rly beautiful n I love your videos 🙂

Xi-chan says:

Imma be a fat fuck with a cute dog

elizabeth reyna says:

bulimia eating disorder “phase” yup i wish mine was a phase too

Nightlty Forever says:

such a cute couple

Diana S says:

Your dog is sooooo cute

Charlotte Ong says:

Do u exercise everyday Emi?

蔡采惠 says:


Soranny Chuon says:

Oh my goddddd your dog is so cute!!

ACDC says:

Hard to swallow pills: It’s DNA

Sumaiya Niazi says:

after watching this video,
the most important thing I’ve learned is
ive became a dog person now

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