Vegan Rice Paper Spring Rolls with Asian Dipping Sauce – Gluten Free Recipe!

I show you the easy way to make vegan rice paper spring rolls with a super tasty Asian dipping sauce! This is a healthy gluten free recipe that anyone can make in just minutes. The sauce can be used as a salad dressing as well and only uses 3 simple ingredients. Give this 100% vegetarian recipe a try and let me know what you think 🙂

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Recipe by Cooking With Plants – Anja Cass

Enjoy xx







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Siv Colliander says:


Courtney McFarland says:

I need to get some of these papers! Awesome way to eat veggies

Virginia Rasberry says:

that looks good, I’d try it if I liked spring rolls

Corinne Clarke says:

can you use cheese and if so what’s the best to yse

♻Delilah Winchester ♻ says:

Ohh, that looks gorgeous. Only problem would be getting rice paper to last that long in my house – I eat it just as it is!

lupe acevedo says:

its a great treat instead of slaving away in a hot kitchen! !

alyssa rosengard says:

I love that u use all veggies. Looks delicious. I like mint and basil.

Chef Vegan says:

Great ideas thanks.

Joann Lakes says:

They look lovely and it must be nice that it’s summer

BonnieR says:

These look fantastic. Would the rice paper stay moist until lunch if you made these in the morning? Would love to send these to school with my son. Thanks.

Falconcara says:

Can’t wait to try this, thank you!

catboy721 says:

That looks like it was a tablespoon…. seemed larger than a teaspoon, particularly with the chili sauce.

Interviewer Von Artista says:

yum. why don’t you start a drive through restaurant chain?

ChikachanParadise says:

I’m craving some harumaki now

Sam & Aaron says:

So good. So so good Anya.

Ruthann Amarteifio says:

Oh, yes!!

Happy Banana says:

Nice I like putting some roasted capsuicum and eggplant in my rolls, I will be giving your sauce a go for sure thanks

Sarah Bullock says:

What is tempay (tempe? Idk how to spell it) ?

Becci says:

I really have to go to an Asian supermarket, because I’ve never spotted these rice papers in any supermarket where I live 🙁
I want to try spring rolls so badly 🙂

Jack1234567890 says:

are you allergic to gluten? Please don’t say your recipes are gluten free in the title if you’re not allergic to gluten. It makes veganism look like a fad diet.

Rose Viola says:

Fresh mint is also amazing in rice paper rolls. Looks yum 🙂

Corinne Clarke says:

it looks good I’m gonna try this thank you

Patience Hill-Berardi says:

Could you freeze these, maybe without the lettuce?
Do you think they would hold up on the defrost?

thuy bui says:

could you make a marinate tempeh for this recipe? thanks!

hinundveg says:

SUMMER ROLLS, not spring rolls!

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