Thai Iced Tea Recipe With Jet Tila | Asian Recipes | POPSUGAR Cookbook

Whether you need an afternoon pick-me-up or are looking for a beverage to pair with pad thai and other Southeast Asian dishes, the answer is simple: a frosty glass of Thai iced tea. Sweet and aromatic – Thai tea blends black tea leaves with warm spices like vanilla bean – it’s nearly impossible not to love.

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itzjustpxtty says:

You can drink this tea like tht dark brown colour or you can drink it warm. It doesn’t have to be cold.

Nat Kat says:

hot or cold

JW Jpopsuki says:

she forgot the MHMMMMMMMMM UHHHH

cherie88cc92 says:


Viet Tran hoang says:

to much sugar,and what tea???????????????????

Abdulrahman Al-Hamad says:

Why would he keep secrets on food. How can i make it at home properly? Selfish.

popinfresh says:

How do you infuse tea leaves with vanilla? Is it just mixed with vanilla syrup?

Uyen Vu says:

You know Brandi likes something when she doesn’t take an ant sized bite/sip.

Mia says:

she’s not the only one who hasn’t tried it -.-

b oneoneonefour says:


Shabria Garrett says:

I have had a Thai Chi Latte with ice. Is that it. So yummy.

Emmalyne Armanio says:

That looks great!

Happiness 1956 says:

I loveeeeee Thai Iced Tea!!!! I’m addicted! I wish I could drink it everyday!!!!!

Nat Kat says:

I know it’s so good they should have this drink in Starbucks .

Lizzie Thompson says:

I’m still waiting for that ice cream recipe. Haha

StarleePie47 says:

I know this is ice tea but could you drink it hot?

SteffieeGee says:

He was so secretive about what’s in the tea, ” Some secret spices.” Isn’t the purpose of these videos to help you make it yourself? He shoud have just said that the tea mix usually have anise star, orange flower water, and tamarind.

jasmyn says:

My mom is Thai >:3

iEatEmos says:

“It’s like desert in a glass.” Exactly. And it’s perfection.

Arianah Kendall says:

I love Thai tea with boba!

icina holmes says:

Can u make a video on how to make boba tea

Umm Hussain says:

What Are the secret spices? I heard vanilla and cardamom, and then he said SECRET spices…. I knew it! No one will give up this recipe!

Kat Arriaza says:

Me either lls

Shazie Jones says:

i had thai iced tea at a restaurant and it was amazing!

Princess and friends Channel says:

Why ?? Because I am from Thailand

Dr Dina Yousef says:

All is wonderfull till the milk came


yeah the color is so intense

Gabsters S says:

when I went to Thailand every time I bought my thai tea, which I found out is “milk tea” in Thailand lol They always used condensed milk, I saw them do it lol

Princess and friends Channel says:

I love that Thai tea so much !!!

Thanh Vy! At the Disco says:

I drank Thai iced tea A LOT OF TIMES. I’m ten. LOL! No seriously.

Waiizii Thansinee says:

I’m thai

KayNdee94 says:

Look this up in Amazon “Pantai Norasingh – Thai Tea Mix (Net Wt. 16 Oz.)” it’s ALL you need! There’s a tea:water ratio on the back of the package as well. With this all you need is water, sugar, and half and half. I made some this weekend with Pad Thai and it’s PERFECT! 🙂 my local Asian market sells it so if you have one nearby go ask for it if you’re not comfortable with ordering online 🙂

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