Simple Asian Pork Belly and Garlic Recipe

One of our favorite dishes by our Amah. Super easy and so yum!

Pork Belly
Cooking Oil
Rock Sugar or Sugar
Light Soy Sauce (optional)
Sweet Dark Soy Sauce or Mushroom Soy Sauce
Bean Curd

Time to complete: less than 2 hours

Sorry for the voice over noise, I just record on my laptop!


Harpreet Ahluwalia says:

Thanks for the recipe.can’t wait to
try it.

Kottarathel Sujeer says:

for an outstanding taste and smell add 2spoon of peanut butter dialuted in 1/2 cup coconut milk

Emil Brikha says:

What a beautiful thing you’re doing. I’m inspired to do this with my mother. Always did want to gather her recipes in once place anyway.

Kevin Ow says:

Looks incredible! Is the bean curd used the red fermented version or another type of bean curd?

George Anakotta says:

thanks chef top stuff, my missing recipe which i had when i was young. yummy finger licking good all right.

leo lee says:

that looks amazing, something that good can only be prepared by a master chef!

grace r says:

Pls ask ur amah cook more chinese dishes! I dont have any grandmother from both sides to teach me.. 🙁

Catherine Kennedy says:


Sambista Nega do Samba says:

Your pork belly looks very delicious, I will find out if the pork store has pork belly and I will make it, I love Japanese food mmmmmmmm! Thank you sooooo much!

Robin Eiko Yoshida says:

Great job! Thanks for taking time to put together Amah’s pork belly video although I must say, I’m very tempted to call your mom and invite myself over so Amah can cook this for me!
Nom nom nom indeed!

indu chukhu says:

its so simple.. i will definitely try it.. right now im in hostel.. il be home by the end of ths month… and yeah i loved ur voice.. alot.. 🙂

MrDrPerci says:

This looks like suck soul food. Tell your grammy she is awesome.

MrDrPerci says:

Mom?….. lol I don’t know!
Im sorry!

SaRea Surmon says:

Amazing, gonna try this recipe! Tell your gma I said thanks 🙂

Adrian Wee says:

whats the abc kecap manis doing there?

Lox Lascar says:

That is amazing I wish I did this with my grandmother. Thank you!

Cool Toys Media says:

looks very delicious.. thanks

Jefry Christian says:

ill try it… make me swalow my own saliva

Erefuro Stella Amaso-Nedderman says:

Amazing, I have had a pork belly I bought when I was having a ‘funny five minutes’ I was thinking of throwing it out but I think I’ll try your recipe instead. Thanks a lot for sharing. Stella

denettra says:

look yummy can i make it with chicken??

Tj Kearney says:

Your grandma is a super star! Tell her to keep on cooking!

David Beer says:

Thank your Grandma for me. This looks delicious and I’m definitely trying it. I make Ka Na Moo Grob a lot, and the preparation for this looks pretty similar in a lot of ways… but I’m salivating just thinking about it. 🙂


Amah cooked pork very well. It is mouth watering.

liew liy says:

It’s delicious..

Lorna Bobis says:

how to cook

Sonnid09 says:

Should I boil it first for all recipes?

marlin ewing says:

ha lost the fork lol

queenj91 says:

Wow that looks so good. I think I am going to try that recipe
Thanks Amah!

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